6X6 Conversions

Sorry about the lack on information about these very special vehicles. I will make my best to remedy this ASAP

Just a word of warning if you live in a country with rather restricting rules: Don't touch any of those cars if they are up for sale. Even if the transformation had been done by a reputable company or by Land Rover themselves you will encounter LOTS of problems getting it road legal in your country.

Most pictures on these pages were taken during the last 4 years at Billing.
Above and left: Modifications by Scottern. Photos: Daniel Durlet

Even new model Range Rovers aren't spared. This excellent conversion was done by The Jankel Group (UK) , a company which also makes 6-doors and armored vehicles. This vehicle is 39,5 inches longer and a real 6x6. Custom coil springs (for reliability) replace the air suspension. Either 6x4 or 6x6 wheel drive can be chosen. Among the extras is also a state-of-the-art GPS system. It took 26 weeks to build and the price is "in excess of 100.000 pounds" plus the base vehicles 50.000 of course. i strongly believe it went to a customer in the Middle East.

Even new Defenders are converted to 6x6's such as this recovery truck. Hey AA, do you see this? Buy those instead of the german junk!
A very nice example of an 6x6 prepared for the worst. And, like it is, it's road legal even in Switzerland. I'd like to learn a bit more about this vehicle.