Heith Knight's IIA 6x6

Keith Knight from North Walsham is a regular at the Billings meeting. His IIA is stretched from a 109 to 147 inches wheelbase, has an V-8 engine and hydraulic lifting gear as well as front and rear winches.
Above: Early morning 7 am, Billing Aquadrome, 1998 ...and in 1997(right)
Keith and Sue Knight and their son John of North Walsham, Norfolk, run a small county garage, Highway Motors. The Highlander (that's the name of the beast) is used to rescue cars. The bonnet and front wings lift as one by hydraulic power. The pump powers also the floodlight tower, front winch, rear lifting gear and the central locking system. The car started life in 1962 as a regular IIA and was transformed over time. It got a new chassis, a 3.5 V8, 2 tanks of 70 gallons capacity and a complete tool kit. The Knights also own an immaculate 101.