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The Site of the Month

Here we try to present you on a regular base sites which are so good they disserve our award. We choose them purely from personal viewpoints and are in no case sponsored by their owners.

Legal disclaimer: Well, due to some foggy laws in some dubious parts of the world we have to say we are not responsible for any contents of those sites nor do we agree with them.

February 16th,2002

by Annette Flottwell

Here is the Malaysian Land Rover Club.

Meet Alyna and her LR JANDA, the guys who are having the REAL FUN. This is the club who runs the famous Rain Forest Challenge where about over 30 countries comes and participate. This has already impressed me in late 1999 on Malaysian TV.

Enjoy their picture gallery and think twice about ridiculous European trials


Week 21, 2001

The Birmabright Brotherhood, an Land Rover Owners Helpline

Basically not much more than an list of about 250 (as of May 2001) Land Rover owners around the world. You must register to see the list but it's not trap here. The list contains all the info the owner wants to share, mainly phone numbers, adresses and special knowledge. It aims at helping broken down fellows and it's absolutely free.

I do really recommend to join them. No spam mail nor responsibilities. But imagine having friends almost everywhere.

Week 20, 2001

I choose this site for it's wealth of information. Sadly it's in german only so you better dig out your schoolbooks. The site is well made and often updated. It features a lot of information on Landrovers but is not limited to Soligull's finest. You will find sections about Suzuki, Jeep and others here too.

Beside this the owner, Phill, is a very nice and helpful guy.