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by Alain Hoffmann

Ambulances and Emergency Vehicles

based on Range Rover Classic


Above: At the Billing show 1998

An ex-army vehicle of the Luxembourg Army. They had, among the largest number of 101's outside Britain, a number of ambulances based on Range Rovers. They had a reputation of being great fuel-guzzlers, drinking around 35 litres/100km. The last were withdrawn from service in 1998 and sold off to the public. Prices were around 50.000.- LFr apiece (about 1500$).

The above picture shows how the base cars looked when ready to be shipped to the body building company. The crate in the back holds additional parts.

Defender-based vehicles

The coil-sprung vehicles lend themselves very good to ambulance conversions. The hardtop can be ordered from a special firm for about 800 Pounds. If you're interested I'll try to get the adress of the manufacturer.

101-based vehicles

The 101 with hard top was from the beginning on designed to be used either as an ambulance or as a radio-van. This one was photographed at the 1998 Billing show.