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Hannibal on his way to conquer the world again

Javier de Mazarrasa

English translation by Takeo De Meter, (en castellano)

Hannibal (247 - 183 bc), the mythical leader from Carthago who lived and got married in the Spanish town of Linares, gave his name to a product of this area: the new 4x4 all-terrain vehicle launched by Santana Motor as their heir and continuator of the extraordinary and inimitable Land Rover on the market of the authentic offroader, far from the urban 4x4s that are so fashionable today.
This happened last Thursday, May 23rd, at the International Motor Show in Madrid, where the Santana Aníbal shined and drew the attention of all.

Santana, who is considering a market of more than six thousand units, plans to market this vehicle under the name of PS10 outside Spain in July for a price of around EUR 23.662 and in Spain in September when a spectacular dynamic presentation will take place, which we will, of course, report here.

The PS10 retains the traditional esthetic lines albeit actualized as well as the classic characteristics of robustness, hardness, reliability and polyvalence of the brand and is an authentic off-roader in the widest meaning of the word, within the class of 1-tonne road payload, thanks to the implementation of strict technical guidelines and the demands of hard field work dictated by the civilian users as well as the military, which has been realized using modern technology, advanced solutions and proven methods. The aim was to obtain, and it has been obtained, an all-terrain, all-weather and all-work vehicle that, with a maximum of modern technology would respond to the exigencies of the professionals but without missing out on comfort.

Solidity. robustness, stability, durability and safety are indispensable conditions that demand the use of a chassis. In this way, the prime element of the vehicle is its Thomson-type chassis with two box-sectioned longerons and four crossmembers that hold fourteen silentblocks to support the body. In the rear we find a 100 litre fuel tank. The suspension is of classic design, efficient and well-proven. The chassis rests on two rigid axles using semi-elliptic leaf springs. Shock absorbers are hydraulic and the whole permits a 54 cm wheel deflection.

The PS10 has an Iveco PS10 8140.43 turbo diesel, 4-in-line, 2.800 cc, direct electronic injection of Common Rail configuration, delivering 92 Kw at 3.600 rpm and 275 Nm torque. 250.000 units already built have proven the quality of this engine, together with its quietness. Clutch is dry single disc of 242 mm diameter with hydraulic actuation and the gearbox is ZF LT85, manual, 5 gears+reverse. Drive is part-time 4x4 and the transfer box is an actualized version of the Santana 2500.
Brakes. Reliability and safety were primordial. The PS10 has disc brakes of 300 mm diameter at each wheel with a braking surface of 162 cm2, actuated by an 11“ servo on double piston pump and compensation valve. The handbrake is a disc transmission brake.
The power steering box is of the recirculating ball type, with ZF pump, and it gives the PS10 a turning radius of 6.5 metres for 3 steering wheel turns.
The body will permit the PS10 to be recognized as a Santana product, maintaining the Santana image and lines in all its modernity. Again, robustness, safety and stability together with comfort were the prime directives. The body has a steel structure with aluminium skins and steel reinforcements. The engine bay is easily accessible, the interior is generous in its inner dimensions and has a large one-piece windscreen. The rear body is also extremely spacious. Campers will greatly appreciate the vast rear body.

Hard work capabilities were not sacrificed to comfort and Santana has designed this vehicle for those who have to cover large distances over rugged and difficult terrain under adverse climatic conditions, that is also why the interior offers attractive elements to the occupants. The dashboard is functional and modular with all instruments well in view and easily accessible controls. The centrally-mounted heater / air conditioner bloc leaves all the necessary leg space for driver and co-driver and even long-legged people are comfortable behind the wheel. Ergonomic seats with headrests, inertia reel safety belts, radio wiring present.
4.675 mm long, 1.750 mm wide and 2.000 mm high, the PS 10 has a 2.786 mm wheelbase (109“), 200 mm under the diff housings, 750 mm fording capability attack and departure angles of 60 and 30 degrees, can climb a 45 degree incline and drive 1.000 km without refueling. The PS 10 is offered in the following versions: 3 and 5 door, pick-up, tilt and closed body for 9 occupants or 1.000 kg payload.



Length total 4.675 mm.
Width total 1.750 mm
Height total 2.000 mm
Wheelbase: 2.786 mm
Track. 1.486 mm
Under diff housing: 200 mm
Attack angle: 60º
Underbody angle: 152º
Lateral incline: 40º
Max incline: 45º
Ford: 750 mm
Max : 2.050 kg
payload: 1.000 kg
Trailed: 3500 kg
Tyres: XLZ 235/85R16
Diesel, 100 litros

Javier de Mazarrasa