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Fuel prices in Australia

You will find up-to-date informations on this for example from the RACQ. They have a table listing current prices for Queensland.

General rule is the further you venture from the large cities the more expensive it gets.

To give an example as today, March 10, 2001. This is however probably the cheapest price in all Australia. Realistically you can count on 15-25p more

Brisbane Diesel prices: 85p per litre Unleaded 77p per litre LPG 52p per litre


In remote places like Innamincka or Kintore, don't expect to pay less than 1.20. If you buy diesel from a barrel, look how rusty it is. Don't forget to check your fuel filter before and after refueling if in doubt.

Here's another site for verification/comparison.

Found by Mark Haliwell (thanks!)


updated April 10th,2001 Annette Flottwell