Camel Trophy Freelanders

The Freelanders were only used in 1998 Chile to Argentinia Trophy. They were nicely equipped and well suited to the rather easy terrain.

The vehicles came quite genuine having received only minor (compared to earlier Trophies) but important modifications. All these were carried out by Land Rover Special Vehicles Operations.

The interior was left almost standard with the exception of waterproof seatcovers.

Safety Devices UK manufactured a sturdy internal rollcage as well as impressive armor. The front was decorated with an impressive A-bar that held 2 Hella lights and a couple of tow rings. The rrof got an specially designed roof rack.

The arrow points to the heavy duty electrical connectors. Each vehicle had one in front and one at the rear for feeding the removable electric winch.

Under the hood lies mostly standard equipment with the exception of an enormous Varta 64025 Batterie, rated at 140+ Amps. The air cleaner had to move bringing the intake now to a safe position above the engine. I wonder what those additional devices do which are above the air cleaner and mounted to the bulkhead. . This is a standard engine compartment, just for comparision
The nicely nested circuit breaker is accessible from the outside
Above: Viewed from the rear the underbody has some serious protective metal. However this didn't stop the rear exhaust from getting beaten. If you look at the tubing I wonder how they will change this silencer.
Left: The light cluster made of fibreglass and carrying 4 Hella (?) lights. I believe this rack can be ordered from Lee Racing.
Not all Freelanders survived the event without harm. This one was almost at home when the container he was in was dropped - in an UK harbour. For more Freelander wrecks see our Wrecks section.