In the good old times...

...evrything was better, greater and healthier. Oh, I remember when I was still a boy I had to walk to scholl for 10 miles over snow covered roads..what d'you mean' I don't believe you?'.

Would you believe half a mile to the well to get water? No? What about having to cross the street to play with the guys?- Oh forget it!

I wanted to talk about Land Rovers anyway.

So when Solihull slowly turned out the first of them they were used for everything BUT travel. However sometimes in the early fifties people began to realize that this workhorse was good at pulling and so why shouldn't we use aunt Martha's old caravan, you know, that thingy out in the barn that dates from the early 30's?

And so that old circus car was revived and the trusty old Land Rover started to pull it all over the country.

Such must have been the story behind this wonderful couple of an early Series and an even older caravan which I spotted at Dunsfold in 1999.

Look at the marvellous interior. This cast iron stove. The wood. The leather.

I simply love this vehicle and I would really be thankful if anyone can enlighten me and help me with the details. Sadly it was the only time I saw both vehicles together.


In the early sixties Land Rovers were also used elsewhere as tow vehicles as the snapshot below (from Australia I think) testifies.

Some advertisements from the 50's and early 60's