Harry's Toys

Harry Foster of Middlesborough is the proud owner of this 6-wheeled Defender camper conversion.

Harry, a regular at Billing, used to visit the meeting for some years in his trusty 6-wheeled Range Rover camper conversion. But some time ago he decided another vehicle was due and built this exciting Defender while his son took over the Rangie.

In 2000 Harry turned up first with his new monster and kindly showed me what he had done. This vehicle also rests on a specially made Designa Chassis. The cab was enlarged but you have to look exactly to see where. Notice the third windscreen wiper.

The interior was also made very nicely with plenty of space.


The 6-wheeled Range Rover

The donor vehicle for this project was a standard 1986 Range Rover. This was mounted on a purpose-built Designa Chassis 6-wheeled chassis, complete with M.J.Lee Engineering Mach5 wheels shod with Cooper TracEdge 225 tyres.

Using refurbished Salisbury axles to carry 4+ tons in weight, the vehicle is stopped by heavy-duty discs on all six wheels.

The engine is a Mazda/Perkins turbocharged unit that returns 18-20 mpg. A 27 gallon fuel tank ensures a range in excess of 450 miles.

A Land Rover 110 transfer box is used for lower gearing, thus making it more 'user-friendly' to drive.

The 4-berth camper body was professionally built on to the rolling chassis by Magnum Mobiles of Grimsby. Features include full shower and toilet facilities, a 20 gallon water tank + jerricans, a full cooker and microwave. 12V and 240V electrics allow the Carver main heater to run off gas or electricity. A gas-powered space heater makes life altogether more comfortable when the temperature drops, while a large Electrolux fridge keeps both food and the all-important beer stock cold when things hot up!