The B'rakhah

The Brakhah from the front side


Every time I look at this model I must think of a swiss army knife. So many things are folded out it looks as if the whole trailer suffered some explosion.

But don't get me wrong. This beast is extremely well designed. It has everything you will need even for longer periods.

The basic construction relies on a 304 stainless steel frame (10x50mm) and an axle rated at 2500 kgs. Leaf springs, shocks and brakes are standard, fitting LR wheels is possible. The coupler head rotates 360°.

The kitchen is just pulled out in a drawer Running warm and cold water and a shower

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The maximum weight allowed is 1800 kgs, the empty weight is 835 kgs which leaves you 900 kgs for on road or a recommended payload of 600 kgs off road. 2 water tanks carry 80 liters each. the wading depth is 600 mm.

Standard equipment contains: Awning, slide-out kitchen, camping table, 96AH battery, 220V lines and outlets, 12V outlets, double gas bottle holder, spare wheel bracket, wash bassin with shower, 2 single(1900x700mm) and one double bed (1900x1370mm), fold out tent, several cupboards and storage compartments, braket for freezer, high-lift jack, rear carrier rack, jockey wheel, 4x 12V lights and a fire extinguisher.

Optional equipment is a gas water heater, duvet and pillows, shower cubicle, Porta Potty, full side tent and an 650W Honda generator.

The Brakhah is already imported into the UK but I don't know by which company. so contact them at the adress at the left.