Tires field fix

This is an emergency procedure to mend a tubeless tire. This is not to be used as permanent fix even if it reportedly survived several 1000's of offroad miles.

Break the bed with a Hi-Lift near the rim. Use the lug wrench to slip the side over the rim. This will be a very tiring procedure. Locate the hole and remove any foreign items but be very carefully as single iron strands fom the tire belts may have broken and stick out of the rubber inside. These cause serious wounds.

Now remove any grease etc around the hole. Use anything you can imagine, you can even spit on it. Fill the hole with silicone sealant. If it's a small hole you can also insert a screw. Let it cure for several hours. This is important!

Roll the tire side over the rim again. Put 2 logs under the rubber and stand on the rim while the compressor inflates the tire(Left). Better still: Use a tie-down slung around the circumference of the tire (Left). Tighten as much as you can. By this you push the rubber to the outside, sealing the bed. This works also if you pop the bed due to low tire pressure. Just make sure no dirt has gone onto the sealing surfaces. In any case lubing the surfaces helps a lot. Don't use oil however but dishwashing liquid or soap.

You can also pop the bed using a second car as weight. Doing this you must use some boards or similar to put the weight exactly where you want it.
For smaller holes you must not necessarily remove the tire. Put a silicone-coated screw in the hole and let it dry. This works usually good enough to bring you home again.