Cheap tool tricks

Wrap some coloured tape around the most used end of your wrenches. It's most useful if you have small ones in metric and SAE as you will see immediately the right one. Also that little helper can give you faster a "green-and-red thingy" than a "1/4" open-box wrench". However it's not of much use to colour all wrenches, just the few you currently use.

This sort of special wrench is normally used for water pumps. But on Land Rovers it's very useful to get to the driveshaft U-joint bolts. So remember them the next time you remove a driveshaft.

An inexpensive and waterproof tool bag can be made out of an old inner tube. Seal the ends with two rubber rings from another smaller tube. This also prevents tools from rattling


This is another method of marking your spanners: When I was working in a small company years ago, we had just one drawer for all our spanners. Working in an electronics company, I decided to paint them in resistor colour codes.

So your husband has no more excuses if you'd like him to hand you the 13mms ringy ;-)

In case you just don't renember:

Now the only two sizes that you could still mix up are 1/2" and 12 mms. Be creative.

(Added by Annette 15/5)