Defender V-8 and Tdi

Electric map V-8 models (reduced)

Sorry, but the drawing comes from a german book so the abreviations are german abreviations. I'll add the english meanings as soon as possible. The numbers are the standardised electric numbering system and this will lead us a bit far away if I'd try to list them all.

Stecker= Connector block

MSTG= Engine control unit (computer)

Kraftstofftemp.= Temperature of fuel

S... = Fuse #....

Instrumente= Instruments


Locations of the different elements V-8


Locations of elements for 2.5litres engined Defenders


Electronic engine lock WFS - if you loose your transmitter you have a problem.

Indicated by LED on instrument cluster, Text in display. The engine will not start, there are several independant locking devices.

The WFS engages: By transmitter, or 5 minutes after ignition cut off, or 30 seconds after drivers door is opened.

Deactivation only by transmitter, hold transmitter near ignition lock and try several times. Emergency deactivation as following:

If the alarm was set to exterior and interior, get in at the drivers door. If the alarm was only set to exterior protection, get in at the passenger door. Open the car, close door. Get the code from the safety card. Code is keyed in by a combination of ignition and door impulses. (I'd bet you can forget this procedure once the vehicle gets a little age. I know of no door switch that still works on older Defenders!) Attention: Alarm gets on and doesn't stop during the procedure!

Insert key in ignition lock. The code is a set of 4 numbers. For keying in the first number turn the key as many times to the IGNITION ON position as the first number is. Open and close the drivers door- this closes the first number and switches to the next. The second number is then keyed in by turning again to IGNITION ON position. Open and close drivers door. The third and forth numbers take same procedure. At the end of the sequence start vehicle.

After 3 wrong sequences the system is locked for 30 minutes. If you leave the key in IGNITION ON position for more than 5 seconds the sequence is canceled and does not count as wrong. But you must restart the procedure.