Extreme Modifications to Land Rovers

This page is somethingof a no-sense. What is extreme? To some people swapping 33 Inch tires onto a 90 is extreme, others would take them off immediately and mount even bigger meats. It's like defining "How long is a string?". So I'll introduce features I'd call either extreme or extremely useful- in my eyes.

I always enjoy feedback. If you have added a serious modification to your LR, please let me know and enclose as much concrete data as possible and some pictures too (400x..., jpg)

My special thanks to all the nice people who helped me with infos and pictures of their trucks. Most infos on radical mods are from the friends of Solaros, down in Texas.

Suspension modifications

Making killer suspensions

Safari Gard, Desert Suspension, Coil over shock suspensions etc.

How to install an ARB AirLocker (full feature with photos)  
Big Tires & Wheels - what fits an why A most useful list  
Fabitron They make special hi-tech parts  
Four wheel steering Australian made rear steered axle- drive sideways or dramatically reduce turning radius (and wallet)  
Going slower Crawler boxes and new transfer box gears