Murphy was an optimist.

Edward A. Murphy Jr., born in 1917, was one of the engineers on the rocket-sled experiments that were done by the United States Air Force in 1949 to test human acceleration tolerances (USAF project MX981).
One experiment involved a set of 16 accelerometers mounted to different parts of the subject's body. There were two ways each sensor could be glued to its mount. Of course, somebody managed to install all 16 the wrong way around.

Murphy then made the original form of his pronouncement, which the test subject (Major John Paul Stapp) quoted at a news conference a few days later.
"If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it."

After carefull examination of his different statements, the conclusions and corollaries clearly show that Murphy was an early Land Rover enthusiast. Long research has turned up the original Land Rover related laws. For the first time on the Net read the

Murphy's laws on Land Rover ownership

In the beginning there was nothing... which exploded.
"If anything can go wrong, it will."

On buying new or used Land Rovers

If nobody uses it, there's a reason. Korman's conclusion:
The trouble with resisting temptation is it may never come your way again.
Spend sufficient time confirming the need and the need will disappear. Ducharme's Precept:
Opportunity always knocks at the least opportune moment.
Peter's Placebo:
An ounce of imagination is worth a pound of performance.
In America, it's not how much an item costs that matters, it's how much you save.
Anti Theft Law:
A 5 year old Rover needs 200 pound system.
A 10 year old Rover needs a 20 pound system.
A 20 year old Rover may have his keys left in the lock.
Cahn's Axiom:
When all else fails, read the instructions.

On repairing

Murphy's Corollary:
Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.

Murphy's Constant:
Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value


Law of Selective Gravity:
An object will fall so as to do the most damage.

Lucas's statement:

A 1000 Pound ECU will protect a 20 Pence fuse by burning first

Interchangeable parts won't. Finagle's Fourth Law:
Once a job is fouled up, anything done to improve it only makes it worse.
Wyszkowski's Second Law:
Anything can be made to work if you fiddle with it long enough.
Schmidt's Law:
If you mess with a thing long enough, it'll break.
Lowery's Law:
If it jams - force it.
If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.
Sattinger's Law
It works better if you plug it in.
Anthony's Law of Force
Don't force it - get a bigger hammer.
Gordon's First Law:
If a project is not worth doing at all, it's not worth doing well.
Inside every small problem is a large problem struggling to get out. Weiler's Law:
Nothing is impossible for the man who does not have to do it himself.
Farnsdick's corollary:
After things have gone from bad to worse, the cycle will repeat itself.

Hellrung's Law:
If you wait, it will go away.

Shevelson's Extension:
... having done its damage.

Harrison's Postulate:
For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.
Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
Pournelle's Law of Costs and Schedules:
Everything costs more and takes longer.
Klipstein's Observation:
Any product cut to length will be too short.
Rosenfield's Regret:
The most delicate component will be dropped.
De la Lastra's Law:
After the last of 16 mounting screws has been removed from an access cover, it will be discovered that the wrong access cover has been removed.
Design flaws travel in groups. De la Lastra's Corollary:
After an access cover has been secured by 16 hold-down screws, it will be discovered that the gasket has been ommitted.
Murphy's Restoration Law:
No battle plan ever survives contact with reality.
Murphy's Repair Law:
The most dangerous thing in the garage zone is the the repair manual.

On daily driving

Ralph's Observation:
It is a mistake to allow any mechanical object to realize that you are in a hurry.
Cannon's Comment:
If you tell the boss you were late for work because you had a flat tire, the next morning you will have a flat tire.
Quantized Revision of Murphy's Law:
Everything goes wrong all at once.
Commoner's Second Law of Ecology:
Nothing ever goes away.
Law of Revelation:
The hidden flaw never remains hidden.
Murphy's Law of Thermodynamics
Things get worse under pressure.
Murphy's Law of the Open Road:
When there is a very long road upon which there is a one-way bridge placed at random, and there are only two cars on that road, it follows that: (1) the two cars are going in opposite directions, and (2) they will always meet at the bridge.

On 4-wheeling

Lynch's Law:
When the going gets tough, everybody leaves.
Fools rush in where fools have been before.
Allen's Law:
Almost anything is easier to get into than out of.
Gerrold's Laws of Infernal Dynamics:
1. An Land Rover in motion will be heading in the wrong direction.
2. An Land Rover stuck will be in the wrong place.
Hartley's Second Law:
Never drive off road with anybody crazier than you are.
Berra's Law:
You can observe a lot just by watching.
Avery's Observation:
It does not matter if you fall down as long as you pick up something from the ground while you get up.
If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, maybe you just don't understand the situation.
Help a man when he is in trouble and he will remember you when he is in trouble again. Stewart's Law of Retroaction:
It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.
Sevareid's Law:
The chief cause of problems is solutions.
If anything simply cannot go wrong, it will anyway.
  Horngren's Observation: (generalized)
The real world is a special case.
Eat a live toad the first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day. Churchill's commentary on man:
Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on.