The Series II Discovery (introduced 1998)

- Technical data

This page provides mainly Informations about the Discovery model that was introduced in late 1998, later labelled Series2. Although at first it looks absolutely identical to the earlier version built since 1989, there are MANY changes- 1300 to be precise. On the following pages we want to show you what's the difference as the official brochures only give limited infos. A lot of those datas that follow might be wrong, so DON'T NAIL US DOWN ON THIS. If in doubt, use your common sense. And the official maintenance book!

The data comes from different sources, some official, some less official and some even pure guesswork. And, no, I will not fix any errors.

Main changes from previous version


Colors and options

The drivetrain

Gearboxes, Transfer case and Propshaft

The Engines

4,0 liters V-8

2,5 Liters Td5

The suspension

The ACE (Active Cornering Enhancement)

The ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes) and related systems

The OBDII (On Board Diagnostic system, second generation)


What's this TestBook?

Glossary of names

Additional Safety Equipment

Airbags and belt tensioners