Instrument cluster

The Speedometer is one of 3 variations: -Main face in miles, smaller indications in kilometers
  -Main face in kilometers, smaller indications in miles
  -Kilometers only
Reading begins if vehicle moves at a minimum speed of 2km/h. 8000 pulses per mile/5000 pulses per kilometer

The tachometer to the left shows between 228 and 6000 RpM. 2 Pulses for every crankshaft rotation, the cluster's electronic transforms it to a needle reading.

The tank gauge: gets a sender signal between 8 and 550 Ohms. Damping made by cluster. Immediate correct reading if key turned to ON position.

The water temperature gauge: Gets modulated signal from the ECM. Dampened to take off sudden variations. There's NO DIRECT relation between actual water temperature and the shown reading.

There are 28 different lights, of which 27 are LEDs. Only the driving light indicator is not an LED. They can all be activated by the TestBook with the exception of the center diff lock indicator and the alarm. Most of them are checked on start-up by the system to see if they work correctly.

The LCD display at the bottom of the speedometer shows the total distance, the trip and, if it's an automatic, the position of the selector. The distances are stocked in the memory inside the instrument cluster as well as inside the BCU. Maximum is 999.999 miles or kilometers. On startup both values are compared. If a difference is detected, the total will flash until both values are synchronised. The working of both indicators is not affected by this. They can only be synchronised to the HIGHER value of both. For this you need the TestBook. Exception from this is if the vehicle has less than 100miles/160km. In this case the TestBook can reset both values to 0 so the customer gets a car with 0 miles. To swith the values from miles to kilometers and back push the reset button for the trip for longer than 2 seconds.

If the selector indicator flashes, there's an problem in data transmission between BCU and instrument cluster.

Diesel contamination indicator: warns if the quantity of water in the bottom of the main filter reaches a dangerous level.

The oil pressure indicator light goes on below 0,5-0,68 bar.