M.J.Lee Engineering (last update 7/2000)

Loversall Farm, Loversall, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN11 9DD, phone/fax (0)1302 310468

Quite an impressive lot of new products. A couple of the nicest looking side bars for 90's, if I still did not have some I'd bought those. Also single and twin mounts to replace those rustprone turrets in front, in standard or extended lenght to fit longer shocks. The first to make shock mounts to weld onto the axle that look exactly as the original stuff. This way you can mount twin shocks in front or rear and keep identical shock lenghts which is very important. Also by this you can change easily your older 90/110 to rear disc brakes by using an ex-Range Rover back axle casing. As the Range does have the shocks mounted opposite each other and the 90/110 have them both facing forward, you have to cut off the offending left shock bracket and make a new one- or use the lower left mount from Lee. Quite a lot of trial and error eliminated with these mounting bracket. At 18 GBP incl. VAT per bracket not cheap but sturdy, genuine look and exact fit.

They also carry adaptors to eliminate the studs, an extremely annoying idea from Landrover. Once shocks get a bit rusty you can only remove them with a hacksaw. Why not fitting eyes at both ends? Sadly the Lee kit is designed for Bilstein shocks with the helm joint. Those are a far superior design but also at a far superior price.

Lee also makes a kit to eliminate those ever-failing bushes at the ends of the trailing arm. They get replaced by sturdy helm joints fitted into a new welded-on bracket. This gives way softer ride, a far superior ability to flex (see those heavily modified US 90's) and no more bushes to wear out. The only problem for many of us is that in some countries you are not allowed to cut/weld/transform your suspension at this extent without lots of paperwork certifying that you know what you are doing. But I look at this setup as a very viable option. Lee has proven the setup in the Hillrallies and they cope even with those high speeds on rough terrain.

Another very useful item is the spring guide. A common problem encountered during serious axle articulation are springs that pop out of their seats. Those guides here guide them back safely without compromising wheel travel. They cost about 50£ a pair.

They had also some used parts for sale like a complete ex-Camel Trophy full rollcage for a 110 for 450 GBP, an 300 TDi cylinder head for 30 GBP or a complete injection system for V8 for 150 GBP.