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The Defender

By Alain Hoffmann


No other model still in production represents as much the spirit of the early Land Rovers than the Defender.

More than 50 years after production started the last models still wear a striking resemblance to the first production cars. Without doubt is this THE car that in the eyes of the onlookers has written the worlds Land Rover across his square face.

Not even Solihulls best is without faults. Look here for the problem page.

What will be the future? In 2000 LR presented a study of what might be the next Defender.

Or will it be the Santana Anibal? Castellano English (added by An., 12-12-2002)

Land Rover advertising is here.

If you're still having trouble with your electrics maybe you should have a look here for a map of the electric circuits.

The armies around the world also like the ruggedness of the Defender as shown in the XD "Wolf" models. Also see the journalist's armored version, the armie's armored version, the Perentie of Australia,

Civilian versions are the 110 double cab, the Dakar, the Roadrailer,or the Ibex,

If you want to know more about the power sources, here's the 200 TDi page, how to check the fuel injection on V-8's, an article on how to fit an Vitesse engine, how to build engines, the overheating engine, the TD5 engine,

If you're planning on modifying your suspension you should absolutely visit our Main Suspension Page.

Read about 4-wheel-steering, heated mirrors, quick removal of the doors, PU bushes, a very nice camper conversion, ABS braking, how to fit an ARB locker in the rear axle, a possible cure for steering shimmy, relocating the battery and manufacturing of heavy duty starter cables

Also have a look in our wrecks section

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