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The Discovery

By Alain Hoffmann

The Discovery is one of Land Rovers best selling 4x4's. Qualifying it as a gap filler between the Range and the Defender does not do justice to this car. Sure, it does have all the mechanics very similar to both. Ride comfort is very close to the Range. But saying it's the smaller brother is wrong, the Disco is in fact bigger than the Range.

Look here for the Camel page, more on the Camel Trophy, they used Discoveries for many years. The Disco problem page is still under construction. When the Discovery was introduced the factory produced a cut-up model which now belongs to the Dunsfold Trust.

A specific problem on the Disco is the clutch damper. Also here's a possible cure for shimmy steering. Read here about the emergency procedures on modern Discoveries. Also have a look at the wrecks page. In the members files section you can find a complete report on how to fit Recaro seats (or Flofits) to an 3-door Discovery without using the expensive genuine base.

If you want to know more about the Discovery II go here to the Disco II index page.

Here is Wolfgang Helscher's Discovery from hell, a Discovery II horror story in English and German


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