Engines and drivetrain

by Alain Hoffmann

On this page I will write a bit about later coil-sprung vehicles' drivetrain. Sorry for the Series fans but I still haven't owned an Series yet and I feel I shouldn't write about what I don't know.

In the coil sprung vehicles the introduction of the 200 TDi engine marked a milestone as it brought an economical, durable and powerful addition to the Land Rover product line. Very smimilar was the 300 TDi. Another milestone was the introduction of Land Rovers TD5 engine, an powerhouse full of new features and technics- and some bugs too. Together with this LR (under pressure from oversea markets) introduced the OBD-II, an on board diagnostic system fitted in every new Land Rover. The data from all the sensors are stocked in the ECU and every official dealer can read them using the TestBook, an vital tool in modern Landrover maintenance.

For the V-8 fans let's have a look at the modern V-8 engines in form of the 4.0.

A further look at the modern transmission page will show you what they fit today.

The 4.0 V-8 as built into the 2000' Range Rover.

For the emergency procedures please look here.

The 2.5 litre diesel engine from BMW

So much about the new stuff which most of us konw only out of magazines anyway. But what if you have an elder mill?

Maybe fitting an replacement Vitesse V-8 will cure the power problem? Or what about an feature on how to build an Rover engine? But wait- maybe its just the computer that went wrong on your fuel injected engine? Here at the example of an flap-type fuel injected engine let's have a look at the check procedures. This brought up a small discussion on the inner parts of an ECU which you can find here.

Changing the oil is aways a messy task and half of the year it's either to hot, cold or wet to do it. Look here for an easy solution that reduces time needed to 5 minutes.

The V-8, in contrary to the diesels, has an tendency to get more than medium warm if pushed to it's limits. Here the Overheating page and what can be done against this.

Going down the drivetrain we find between the engine and the gearbox a clutch problem that happens only on Discoveries.