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The Series Land Rovers

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It all started in 1948 when the Wilks brothers looked for a vehicle to bring Rover over the first after-war years: The beginning

This soon led to many years of production of what was later called the Series I: Serie I: The complete story. The 50ies Land Rovers were still very "basic" even for that times' standards: A 1955 Series I interior. Compare this to the later production Interiors. But production quickly increased and Land Rover had several Milestones. What gives a good impression of that era is the advertising: Early advertising.

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NEW: Entropy or non-linear physics of a 109 truckbed.

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In 1958 the Series I was followed by the Series II, IIA and IIB: Series II.

Here are some Series Two stories by Takeo:

* The Soap opera, in six episodes: Tequila Sunset (A mexican journey)
* Mud recovery in the jungle: Noodle soup in the mudhole (Feb.,14th T.)
* Saturday Exercise (Feb., 3rd T.)
* A Series Two in Dire Straits (Jan.,23rd T. )
* Extended:HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU OWN A LANDROVER ? (Feb., 11th A&T

For working Series Landrover see also the Veterans page:

Even later came the Series III, which has its own section on this site now. Check for newest additions.

The military quickly developed interest in the all-terrain capabilities. Many special models were produced like the amphibian version, the 110 inch guntractor, the Centaur half-track and maybe the most famous, the Pink Panthers. In Belgium the Minerva served well in the armed forces.

But the civilian market also had its fair share of specialised models like the Cuthbertson conversions , the Forest Rover and the Carawagon and Dormobiles. Fire fighting vehicles were produced from the very beginning on. Also a very specialised bunch were the State Review vehicles. Very interesting prototype models were the 100 inch Prototypes

Series vehicles were often transformed into Hybrids

A completely different military model was the 101 which I add here under the Series label. The Judge Dredd 101's were a special product made for Hollywood.

Several institutions preserve those old Landrovers: The Dunsfold Trust, the Heritage Trust or the Tank Museum. And have a look at the delivery Lorry.

Series Land-Rovers also showed up in several movies, among others The Gods must be crazy and The Jungle must be crazy.