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The Travel Page

Go to our special page on Australia which includes all the subpages.


Off roading in the Auvergne.

General information on Travelling and greenlaning in France.

Travel trailers

Land Rovers always were synonyms for Travelling. But how do you sleep in such a rather small car? The answer is often a caravan or a trailer. Read here about the solutions, the conversions and the trailers people used and still use. You may also be interested in detailed towing info.


The following reports contain some images and text unsuitable for children .

Recently I made an investigation of the terrible fire in the Mont Blanc tunnel in 1999. Makes for an interesting small talk theme when driving through such an hole in the ground..

Here the report on the deadly fire in the Tauerntunnel which took the lives of 12 people in May 1999..

And here's a short investigation of what happened in the Channel Tunnel fire in 1996.

Billing 1999

The largest Land Rover meeting in the world celebrated the 50th Birthday of Solihull' finest.

Billing 2000

The largest meeting still got larger.

Travel cars

Land Rovers do, by their very own nature, lend themselves good as bases for camping vehicles. See here how they evolved over time.


Green laning in this very nice country varies from easy to hard.


Also a very nice country which offers some gentle fourwheeling.



Basic and advanced knowledge on making and reading different sorts of roadbooks

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