Oh boy, and you said you had a bad day...

The Cliff-Jumper.

One of the most spectacular crashes ever reported. Two coastguards drove over an 80-feet cliff.

Unfair fight.

This 90 got pushed through a wall by a lorry which landed on top.

The rolling lady.

This sad looking Range took several rolls but was still driveable.

The runaway lorry.

This Series I was hit by a lorry

The Camel bump.

Almost at home they let this Freelander drop- with his container

The drunken speeder.

This Range was hit by a car doing 120 km/h- in the center of the city.

The D90 tumble dryer.

This driver choose an area so remote he had to hire a bulldozer to built a road for the crane to get there.

Hard on the rocks

Ben had quite a nice day in a wonderful part of the USA until ...

The first Freelander Wreck in Luxembourg.

The Freelander proved to be a safe car- protecting his passengers in this rather serious accident

Patru on the roll.

This poor 90, nicknamed "Patru" rolled in Greece

The vengeance of the rain forest.

This eucalyptus tree hit an police car.

Crashing a Wolf.

Here's an army XD on which the REME-men will have quite a lot of work to do.

Yet another .

And yet another Freelander who rolled

Bad 110.

This sad looking 110 was discovered in the UK

Rolling down the Hill - the South African way.

This 110 rolled several times

Some unknown wrecks.

Here some pics I couldn't stuff anywhere else.

A sad ending.

This accident ended rather bad. Not too much damage to the car but the driver didn't wear his seat belt so he was killed.

Rolling down the Interstate.

A lucky ending for Tommy and his young family when he rolled his Disco at 55Mph on the I95 at Richmond, VA.