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About caring and feeding The Beast

by Alain Hoffmann

Almost all shops who sell oil and filters have these little reminders for free. Grab a handfull of them and tie one inside the engine compartment as close to the firewall (bulkhead) as possible. This is the cleanest place.


The following (small) PDF-files require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. They are designed for outprint. Cut them to size, then glue them to the inner lid of your cubby box or owners manual.

Lubricants and capacities
90/110, 2,25litre petrol, 1983-86
90/110, 2,5litre petrol, 1985-90
Defender 90/110, 2,5 litre petrol, 1990 on
90/110 V8, 1983-85
90/110 V8, 1985-1990
Defender 90 V8, 1990 on
Defender 110/130 V8, 1990 on
110, 2,25 litre diesel, 1983-84
90/110, 2,5 litre diesel, 1984-90
Defender 90/110, 2,5 litre diesel, 1990 on
90/110, 2,5 litre TurboDiesel, 1986-90
Defender 90/110, TDi, 1990 on


Cheap tricks.

Each of the following pages contains a number of tried and proven solutions that make work on your Land Rover much easier. If you have any tricks which you want to share please email me.

Oil change tricks How to change filters and oil - the easy way.
Nuts and Bolts Ever stripped off a thread or needed a shorter bolt?
Engine tricks Making the work on Rover's hearth less painful
Tool tricks Code your tools
Various tricks Tricks that were too good to fit in a single categorie