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Main Technical Page - for coil sprung vehicles (for Series Three click here)
Title of page ALL= All Land Rovers, COIL=CoilSprung, DEF=Defender, DISCO=Discovery I, RRcl=RangeRoverClassic, RRNEW=New Shape Range, DEFTD5=DefenderTD5, DISCOII=NewDiscovery, FREE=Freelander, I sincerely appologize for the lack of dedicated Series pages
Applies to:

Maintenance Intervals

Overview of the regular intervals DEF, DISCO, RRcl.

Maintenance - every 500 miles

Weekly or before longer trips DEF, DISCO

Maintenance - Every 1500 miles

Once a month DEF, DISCO

Maintenance - Every 3000 miles

Once every 3 months DEF, DISCO

Maintenance - Oil change every 7000 km

A guarantee for long engine life DEF, DISCO, RRcl.

The TD5 inspection checklist

What the official dealers check during inspections DEFTD5, DISCOII

More PDF-maintenance files

More than a dozen further maintenance themes (checklists etc) DEFTD5, DISCOII, DEF, DISCO, RRcl.
Defender components Where to find the important things on Defenders DEF

Discovery components

Where to find the important things on Discoveries DISCO

Diesel fuel filter

Draining and changing the diesel filter DEF, DISCO

Looking for leaks

What's a weak spot and what can be tolerated ALL

Lubricating door hinges

A drop of oil ALL

Engine oil check

Checking and topping up ALL

Clutch oil check

Often forgotten DEF, DISCO

Brake fluid check

Essential for your surviving DEF, DISCO

Coolant level check

I can't do wrong here- or can I? DEF, DISCO

Window washer check


Power steering fluid

Also rarely done DEF, DISCO

Tyre pressures

Vital check ALL


The lost art of injecting oily slime ALL

Battery check

What to look for and how to test them ALL

The Main Maintenance page

The Land Rover ID-card a handy help for your wallet ALL
Defender problems The problems built in Defenders DEF, DEFTD5
The Perentie tech Technical details Special interest
Overheating Excessive heat on the V-8's ALL
Defender emergency procedures Incl. wiring diagram DEF
Fender trimming How to cut your fenders to fit bigger tires DEF, DEFTD5
Fitting a Vitesse engine a 'fast' engine for Defenders DEF
Door hinges Quick removal of the door hinges DEF, DEFTD5
The clutch damper Often this problems arrises DISCO
Long Travel suspension A long travel suspension for Discoveries DISCO
Steering Shimmy Unprecise steering and it's cure COIL
Emergency procedures And some electrical problems DISCO
Freelander problems The problems page FREE
Freelander emergency procedures Some Freelander problems FREE
Range Classic problems The Range trouble page RRcl
Emergency procedures What to do if you loose your transmitter key? RRcl
Emergency procedures new Range Same for the new models RRNEW
Replacing the Boge unit Using a coil spring RRcl
The dictionary Translation english-german-french-finnish-swedish ALL
The TestBook The new 'must-have' in the workshop DEFTD5, DISCOII, RRNEW, FREE
Modern suspensions On the Disco II DISCOII, DEFTD5
Suspension maintenance & upgrades How to find faults. RRNEW
Anti-Lock braking system The anti-lock brakes and all the components as introduced from 1999 on DISCOII, DEFTD5
Modern transmissions As used on Disco II and later models DISCOII
ACE The Active Cornering Enhancement DISCOII, DEFTD5
Safety systems Air bags and how to handle them DISCOII, RRNEW, FREE
The OBD system On bord diagnostics system DISCOII, RRNEW, FREE
The Instrument cluster On the Discovery II DISCOII
Extreme modifications An page about several more 'extreme' modifications DEF, DISCO
Fabitron A small company that makes special parts DEF, DISCO
Fuel conversion table Conversion from Mpg to l/100km ALL
TD5 tacho How to install an revcounter on a TD5 DEFTD5
How to identify your parts How to find serial numbers COIL
Nuts and Bolts What's the difference and what do the numbers mean? ALL
Shorts What the shorts like ACE, ABS and so on mean DEFTD5, DISCOII, FREE, RRNEW
MAINPAGE Engine and drivetrain Mainpage on engine, trans and axles COIL
How to build engines About V8 and TDi's COIL
The 200 TDi engine The first of the modern direct injection diesels DEF, DISCO
The 300 TDi engine problem The second generation of direct injected engines had more trouble with the timing belt DEF, DISCO, RRcl
The TD5 engine Page on the new standard diesel engine DEFTD5, DISCOII,
The 4.0 V-8 engine The petrol-burner at it's best DISCOII, RRNEW
Quick oil change valve A very good homemade system ALL
Tyres Deciphering the inscriptions ALL
Wheel and tyre sizes What fits and what hits COIL
Steel or alloy wheels What's the difference in materials? ALL
Snow Chains All about snow chains ALL
MAINPAGE Suspension Mainpage on suspensions and modifications COIL
Modern suspensions On the Disco II DISCOII, RRNEW
ARB Lockers How to fit ARB Air Lockers into a Rover axle COIL
PU Bushes What's the difference between plastic and plastic? ALL
Steel qualities As used in axles ALL
Spring rates The different coils, lenghts and capabilities COIL
Suspension modifications A page which shows different possibilities COIL
Stock suspensions The genuine Land Rover suspensions COIL
Lee suspensions Some excellent stuff COIL
Rovertym suspension install An detailed how-to on installing a new suspension COIL
RTI - Ramp Travel Index What the ramp is and how to interpret the figures ALL
Safari Gard Stage II Safari's medium suspension COIL
Safari Gard Stage III Radical modifications COIL
Wheel wobble cure Get rid of the wobbling steering wheel COIL
Four Wheel steering Making your 'other' axle turn DEF
Swivel housing How to choose the correct lube COIL
Shock Change Basically easy but with some pitfalls COIL
The Ashcroft Underdrive A modern crawler box for coil spring vehicles COIL
Overdrives For modern Land Rovers COIL
Dual batteries or large alternator 1 Considering a high drain and it's influences - part 1 ALL
Dual batteries or large alternator 2 Considering a high drain and it's influences - part 2 ALL
How to troubleshoot a drain How to find the problem if your battery slowly dies ALL
How to wire up auxilliary lights Adding long range beams ALL
Heated mirrors A very rewarding easy transformation ALL
Spark plugs Decrypting the letters and numbers on spark plugs (pdf-file) ALL
Replacement ECU's And about the inner parts COIL
Check procedures 3.9 Check procedures, hot wire ECU DEF, DISCO, RRcl
Check procedures 3.9 early Check procedures, flap type ECU DEF, DISCO, RRcl
Genera Tricksl General tricks on washing, theft proofing and so on ALL
Engine Tricks Cheap tricks for working on and around engines ALL
Tires Field fixing of tires ALL
Nuts Some tricks on nuts and bolts ALL
Oil change Tricks that make changing your oil easier ALL
Tools Tricks for your tools ALL
Gizmo sounds Ever wondered what that beep-beep-beep meant? COIL
Land Rover electrics Lucas or the Prince of Darkness ALL !!
Murphy's law on Land Rovers Did you know that Murphy drove a Land Rover? ALL !!