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Regular Oil Change

This is the key to engine longetivity on EVERY engine but especially on V8's and TDi's not to mention TD5's..

Land Rover says to change oil at far too long intervals for a working machine. I can only suppose this was done to keep up with development of the modern oils. But our cars see a far harder life with more contaminations. So I recommend the service interval of 7000 km. And maybe an 10.000 km interval for Freelanders. Take it or leave it, it's your choice.


Above: This is due to ecessive oil change intervals. Cam followers are worn....

. are the lobes on the camshaft itself. No way to repair this. New parts must be fitted and the engine be disassembled. An job between 1000€ and 1500€. .

If you want to make your life easier I strongly recommend fitting an an manual oil change valve. On EVERY oil change you should change the oil filter too.