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Series One + Two, Series Three, Defender, Discovery, Range Rover, Freelander, Special Vehicles, Stories Humour, Wrecks, Miscellaneous, Cheap tricks, Links, Travel Vehicles,Reports, Travel Destinations , Technical, Maintenance, Roadbooks + GPS, Off Road Driving + Recovery

Our club

About this club
For Sale / Wanted Page

Why we need new members and what you get
The people behind these pages
Our addresses
Landr Rovers and parts wanted or offered


The Main Maintenance page
The Land Rover ID-card

Credit -card sheet for your wallet

Maintenance Intervals
Maintenance - every 500 miles
Maintenance - Every 1500 miles
Maintenance - Every 3000 miles
Maintenance - Oil change every 7000 km
The TD5 inspection checklist
More PDF-maintenance files

Overview of the regular intervals
Weekly or before longer trips
Once a month
Once every 3 months
A guarantee for long engine life
What the official dealers check during inspections
More than a dozen further maintenance themes (checklists etc.)


Defender components
Discovery components
Diesel fuel filter
Looking for leaks
Lubricating door hinges
Engine oil check
Clutch oil check
Brake fluid check
Coolant level check
Window washer check
Power steering fluid
Tyre pressures
Battery check

Where to find the important things on Defenders
Where to find the important things on Discoveries
Draining and changing the diesel filter
What's a weak spot and what can be tolerated
A drop of oil
Checking and topping up
Often forgotten
Essential for your surviving
I can't do wrong here- or can I?
Also rarely done
Vital check
The lost art of injecting oily slime
What to look for and how to test them

Series One + Two

Veterans and Workhorses
The prototypes
Series I
Series One Veterans
Series II
Series Two Veterans
Imperial tool conversion table
Bolts, threads and nuts
Non-linear Physics of a 109 loadbed
The 1955 interior
The Cuthbertsons
The Forest Rover
The Pink Panther
The 101's
The Judge Dredd Vehicles
The amphibian
The 110 Guntractor
Heith Knight's IIA 6x6

The Series mainpage
They still work for their living
The start of a legend
The early models
50 years old and still working on a farm
The golden age
Recovery trucks and travel Rovers
* or which sizes can you replace by metric tools? NEW!
Series vehicles: Read all about Whitworth, BSF and BA.
:-) Entropy and redundancy in a Series Landrover
Spartan but practical
Another tracked Land Rover
Roadless Trcation made this adaption
The famous pink colored army vehicles
Main page for the 101's
Modified 101's for the movie
Swimming Series IIA Land Rover
Special model made for pulling the army's big guns
Very special homebuilt Series IIA

Series Three

The Series Three of Lewis
Series Three Veterans
* Swivel bearing play NEW!
* Broken front halfshaft NEW!
S III Lucas electrics
S III maintenance
S III Steering Wheel Play
S III heater
Oil filter relocation
Chassis and Bulkhead preservation
Vapour Lock
NEW! Free wheeling hubs ?!
Leaf spring suspension
Buying a used Land Rover
The Centaur

Series Three main page
Working Land Rovers on the Outer Hebrides
The classic leaf-sprung workhorse
How to get rid of the play
It happens to everyone
The dark revenge - a burnt out instrument panel
How to care for a Stage One and other Series IIIs
Fresh from our S III workshop:
Luke warm air
no more black oil down the sleeve
Waxoyl and more
What IS vapour lock?
What are Free wheeling hubs good for?!
22 years of leaf - sprung experience..
How to avoid dissapointment
the half track version of a Stage One

Defender _________Back to top

The Land Rover Cult
Defender problems
The 110 double cab
The army's XD
The 100 inch Prototypes
The Perenties
The Perentie tech
Bill Ritchies D90
Chris Hinkle's D90
Coil-over suspensions
Defender emergency procedures
The MY
Fender trimming
Fitting a Vitesse engine
Door hinges
Jim's D90
Sean's D90
Journalists Land Rover

The Defender mainpage
What makes us drive these machines
Problems built into Defenders
The 110 pickup with double cab as introduced in 2000
The Defender as it is used in the armed forces
The very first coil sprung vehicles
Australia's answer to special requirements
Technical details
Very modified NAS D90
The 90 that reaches 1300 on the ramp!
Special suspension setup
Excessive heat on the V-8s
Includes wiring diagram
Futuristic Defender
How to cut your fenders to fit bigger tyres
Alternative 'fast' engine for Defenders
Quick removal of the door hinges
Negotiating the Golden Crack in Moab
Sean Murphy's 90 with Safari Gard Stage III
Armored Defender

Discovery _________Back to top

The cutup model
The clutch damper
Long Travel suspension
Shimmy steering
Emergency procedures
The Discovery II MAINPAGE
Optional equipment

The Discovery mainpage
Driveable cutup Discovery
Often this problems arises
Long travel suspension for Discoveries
Unprecise steering and its cure
Some electrical problems
Master page on the Disco II
Options for the Discovery II

Freelander_________Back to top

Freelander problems
The Camel Trophy Freelanders
The Freelander V6
Freelander emergency procedures
The Kensington
Back to top

The Freelander mainpage
The problems page
A short look at the Freelanders used in the 1998 Trophy
This page was made almost a year before the V6 appeared
Some Freelander problems
Special version of the small 4x4

Range Rover_________Back to top

The Velar
The car that saved Land Rover
The 2002 Range Rover
Happy Birthday Range Rover
Range Classic problems
The 6x6 conversions
The Dakars
Emergency procedures
Emergency procedures new Range
Replacing the Boge unit
Back to top

Range Rover mainpage
The first pre-production Range Rovers
On short overview of the first 30 years
Scheduled for release in 2002 we had already pictures in 2000
30 years of the best luxury 4x4
The Range trouble page
Many conversions, some basic and a lot aimed at the luxury market
Range with on fiberglass body
What to do if you lose your transmitter key?
Same for the new models
Using a coil spring

Special Vehicles _____Back to top

MAINPAGE Unusual Vehicles
State Review vehicles
Emergency vehicles
Military vehicles
The Shorlands
The Camel Trophy
The Camel vehicles
The press release
Homemade cars
The Ibex
The Minerva
The Road Railer
Back to top

Start page with many unknown models
Official and parade Land Rovers
Ambulances and emergency vehicles based on Land Rovers
Firefighting Land Rovers
Land Rovers in the armed forces
Armored Land Rovers
Overview of the worlds' most famous 4x4 track
A bit more on the vehicles used
The official press release of the end of the Trophy in 1998
Racing the Rover
Building on a budget
Mixing different parts
Making the best 4x4 even better
Built under license in Belgium
Land Rovers for railway maintenance

Technical _________Back to top

The dictionary
The emergency box
The TestBook
Modern suspensions
Anti-Lock braking system
Modern transmissions
Safety systems
The OBD system
The Instrument cluster
Extreme modifications
Fuel conversion table
TD5 tacho
How to identify your parts
Nuts and Bolts

Translation English-German-French-Finnish-Swedish
What to keep in your Rover at all time
The new 'must-have' in the workshop
On the Disco II
The anti-lock brakes and their components as introduced from 1999 on
As used on Disco II and later models
The Active Cornering Enhancement
Air bags and how to handle them
On board diagnostics system
In the Discovery II
Several more 'extreme' modifications
A small company that makes special parts
Conversion from Mpg to l/100km
How to install a revcounter on a TD5
How to find serial numbers
What's the difference and what do the numbers mean?
What the acronyms like ACE, ABS and so on mean

MAINPAGE Engine and drivetrain
How to build engines
Fitting a Vitesse engine
The 200 TDi engine
The 300 TDi engine problems
The TD5 engine
The 4.0 V-8 engine
Quick oil change valve

Mainpage on engine, trans and axles
About V8 and TDi's
'fast' engine for Defenders
The first of the modern direct injection diesels
The 2nd generation had frequent trouble with the timing belt
The new standard diesel engine
The petrol-burner at its best
A very good homemade system

Tyres and Wheels

Wheel and tyre sizes
Steel or alloy wheels
Snow Chains
Back to top

Do you need a cage? Accident analysis
Deciphering the inscriptions
What fits and what hits
What's the difference in materials?
All about snow chains

Suspensions and axles

MAINPAGE Suspension
Modern suspensions

ARB Lockers
PU Bushes
Steel qualities
Spring rates
Suspension modifications
Stock suspensions
Lee suspensions
Rovertym suspension install
RTI - Ramp Travel Index
Safari Gard Stage II
Safari Gard Stage III
Wheel wobble cure
Four Wheel steering
Swivel housing
Shock Change
The Ashcroft Underdrive
Back to top
Mainpage on suspensions and modifications
On the Disco II
How to fit ARB Air Lockers into a Rover axle
What's the difference between plastic and plastic?
As used in axles
The different coils, lengths and capabilities
A page which shows different possibilities
The genuine Land Rover suspensions
Some excellent stuff
Detailed how-to on installing a new suspension
What the ramp is and how to interpret the figures
Safari's medium suspension
Radical modifications
Get rid of the wobbling steering wheel
Making your 'other' axle turn
How to choose the correct lube
Basically easy but with some pitfalls
Modern crawler box for coil spring vehicles
For modern Land Rovers


Battery check
Dual batteries or large alternator 1
Dual batteries or large alternator 2
How to troubleshoot a drain
How to wire up auxiliary lights
Heated mirrors
Spark plugs
Replacement ECU's
Check procedures 3.9
Check procedures 3.9 early

What to look for and how to test them
Considering a high drain and it's influences - part 1
Considering a high drain and it's influences - part 2
How to find the problem if your battery slowly dies
Adding long range beams
Very rewarding easy transformation
Decrypting the letters and numbers on spark plugs (pdf-file)
And about the inner parts
Check procedures, hot wire ECU
Check procedures, flap type ECU

Noises - general
Sticking valves noise
Main Bearing noises
Loose Flywheel noise
Piston and piston pin noise
Spark knock
Accessory noise

What the 'unusual' noises from the engine bay mean
The noise a valve makes and how to diagnose it
Main crank bearing noises
Unusual but not unheard noise
Double knocker
Very nasty but common noise
The rest in the engine bay

PDF-Files * You need Acrobat Reader for these! _________Back to top

The Land Rover ID-card

The important numbers on a small card

Spark plug codes

What the cryptic numbers on spark plugs mean

The TD5 inspection checklist
More PDF-maintenance files

What the official dealers are supposed to check
More than a dozen further maintenance themes (checklists etc.)
Lubricants and capacities

90/110, 2,25 liter petrol, 1983-86
90/110, 2,5 liter petrol, 1985-90
Defender 90/110, 2,5 lit. petrol, 1990 on
90/110 V8, 1983-85
90/110 V8, 1985-1990
Defender 90 V8, 1990 on
Defender 110/130 V8, 1990 on
110, 2,25 lit. diesel, 1983-84
90/110, 2,5 liter diesel, 1984-90
Defender 90/110, 2,5 liter diesel, 1990 on
90/110, 2,5 liter TurboDiesel, 1986-90
Defender 90/110, TDi, 1990 on

Stories _________Back to top

Noodle soop in the mudhole
Soap opera: Tequila Sunset
Part Two Part Three Part Four
Part Five The End
A Series Two in Dire Straits
Saturday Exercise

Australian Outback legend
Venezuelan jungle recovery
Mexican SII travel story
Sequels to Tequila sunset
more sequels
Series Two war story
A different Land Rover meet...

Travel _________Back to top

MAINPAGE The travel mainpage


Before you go
Drivers license
Fuel prices
Surviving the Outback
Choosing and loading
The fruitfly menace
Main tracks
Birdsville track
The Oodnadatta track
The Strzelecki Track
The Tanami Road
Canning Stock route
Great Central route
The Gunbarrel
Innamicka- Birdsville
The Mathilda
Len Beadell

Main page on traveling in Australia
Hints what to take with you, which companies you should avoid etc.
Ever fancied the idea of getting a driver's license from Down Under?
What are the fuel prices in Oz?
Practical tips on do's and don'ts when venturing off the beaten track.
Which 4x4 to take, how to prepare and which gear to pack
Here you get all the info you need
Checkpoints and their meaning
On this page you find an overview of the main tracks
The Birdsville track - famous but not difficult
Famous but easy track in South Australia
Another famous road in the Outback
From Alice Springs to Rabbit Flat
The CSR - still a challenge. And it can be very dangerous to the unwary
The Great Central route crosses some of the driest terrain on earth
Made by Len Beadell this track crosses the Great Victoria Desert
Via Cordillo Downs
A scenic byway
The last of the great explorers - and a damn good writer
Our personal recommendation on 4x4 guides and books on Australia

France- more in the member's pages

General rules
The Auvergne 1
The Auvergne 2
The Col du Parpaillon
The Crète du Montdenier

What's generally to say about on- and off-road driving
Our first taste of one of the nicest regions of rural France
Returning to 4-wheelers heaven
One of the highest gravel tracks in the Alps
Gentle 4-wheeling with great views

Italy (members only)
Croatia / Slovenia

Traveling in Croatia
Traveling in Slovenia

Some advises about 4-wheeling
Also general and 4-wheeling related tips

Land Rover shows in the United Kingdom

Billing 1999
Billing 2000
Billing 2001
Stoneleigh Park 2001

News and interesting parts from the 99' edition
Alain's report on the world's largest LR meeting in 2000
Annette's report for Planete Land
Takeo's was not very impressed
Tunnel Fires

The Tauern Tunnel Fire
The Mont Blanc Tunnel Fire
The Channel Tunnel Fire
Back to top

12 deaths, May 29, 1999
41 deaths on March 24, 1999
Near miss

GPS + How to make a roadbook _________Back to top

Part 1 -Roadbook Basics
Part 2 - Choosing your ways
Part 3 - Preparations
Part 4 - Drawing, part 1
Part 5 - Drawing, part 2
Part 6 - Drawing, part 3
Part 7 - Towns and villages
Part 8 - Other forms of roadbooks
GPS Navigation
GPS- How and why
Map reading

First considerations
Which ways and how long
What to do before starting
The most common symbols
More drawing
Even more symbols
Special considerations
Alternatives:Maps, Compass, GPS and fishbone
How a GPS works
Can a GPS be helpful?
Maps -important facts for beginners

Off Road Driving and Recovery _________Back to top

How to ford water
Desert and Sand
12x12 Land Rover
Choose your winch
Working with a hand winch
Kinetic Energy and Recovery
Straps and Kerrs
Mud driving - general
Flotation versus Traction

Recovery main page
Fording - in emergencies and for recreation
Read this before you head for the desert
Fun in the snow
The triple Land Rover
To winch or to be winched
Recovering a 110 with a Tirfor
What IS Kinetic Energy - how to use it safely
Recovery straps and kinetic energy ropes
Basic considerations and preparations
Off Road tyres, part 1

Travel vehicles _________Back to top

Sleeping cars
The Foley camper conversions
The Conqueror camping trailer
The Hannibal rooftent
Harry Fosters Land Rover conversions
Towing how-to, part 1
Camper trailers
The Brakhah trailer
The good old days
Carawagons and Dormobiles
The Vario-Mobil camper
Back to top

Main page on travel vehicles
Land Rovers to live in
Foley, well-known transformer of Solihull products
High quality trailer for the outdoors
South-African made roof tents
Some excellent off-road campers based on Land Rovers
Establishing the trailer weight, wiring (European old and new system)
Overview of off-road trailers
Another camping trailer
Traveling in the good old times
Camper conversions in the old times
Very nice conversion


Site of the month
Official sites
Series / Model related Clubs
Clubs Europe
Clubs USA
Clubs Canada
Clubs Australia
Clubs in Asia, Latin America and Africa
Land Rover Magazines
Online 4WD Magazines
Military pages
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Our starting points for searching the links
Every month a new special site
The Sollihull and US official sites
Nutters worldwide united ;-)
Clubs for Series vehicles, Discoveries, Rangies etc.
Clubs in Europe including the UK
Clubs in the US
Clubs up North
Clubs Down Under & New Zealand
Other countries
Links to mapservers
Rover and non-Rover racing
The main magazines
Not exclusively on Land Rovers
Frequently asked questions pages
A small selection of car-related Museums
Some have nice LR pictures too


Oil change
Back to top

General tricks on washing, theft proofing and so on
Cheap tricks for working on and around engines
Emergency tyre repair
Some tricks on nuts and bolts
Tricks that make changing your oil easier
Tricks around your tools


The Land Rover Cult
Early advertising
Later advertising
The Gods must be crazy
The Jungle must be crazy
The funeral of King Hussein
The delivery lorry
The Dunsfold Trust
The Heritage Trust
The Tank Museum
Malcolm Douglas
Back to top

Why do we drive Land Rovers
Advertising - The Early Years
Advertising in the 80's and 90's
THE hilarious movie featuring a Land Rover
Not so great sequel to the above
The well respected King was escorted by his guards in Land Rovers
An overview of 50 years of production
The official exporter for Land Rovers
Some pictures of the delivery lorry of the 50's
The biggest collection of unique Land Rovers
The foundation of the British Motor Industry
At Bovington (UK)
The Australian adventurer
Milestones of Land Rovers History


Mainpage Wrecks
Bad 110
Revenge of the Rainforest
The Cliff Jumper
Lorry on top
Poor Patru
Turning over in South Africa
The D90 tumble dryer
Dead 'Wolf'
The runaway lorry
The drunken speeder
The rolling lady
Bad luck
Camel bumped
The first Freelander wreck
Freelander hit by a car
Other wrecks
Hard On The Rocks
Back to top

The wreckers' delight
Really bad Defender 110
Hit by an Eucalyptus tree
One of the most spectacular wrecks
Stopping a large truck
Rolling over in Greece
A good deal of luck was involved here
Dumping it in the desert
Badly hit army XD
Hit by an large truck
Range hit by an drunken hooligan
This Range did an excellent job by protecting it's occupant
Not much material damage but no safety belts
The most dangerous part of a voyage is near home
At least in Luxembourg
A good deal of luck
Ben's Whiterovers doing it the rough way


The infamous speed camera
MOT, TÜV and other horrors
The Land Rover Cult
How do you know you own a Land Rover
Bumper stickers
Silly pictures
Comments from owners
Murphy's law on Land Rovers
The Darwin Award Winner 1996
Land Rover electrics
German jokes
Gizmo sounds
Several 100 reasons
Silly road signs
New traffic rules
For sale terminology
Silly laws
People and Their Rovers
Tales of the unexpected

Shit happens
Pictures nobody really wanted to see
The technical inspection prescribed by law
Links to all the silly pages
What makes us drive these machines
Animals and Rovers don't mix - or do they?
You know, beyond all doubt when...
Love and hate in the fast lane
Hilarious and silly stickers
A LOT of funny pictures from all over the world
What people say about their Land Rovers
Did you know that Murphy drove a Land Rover?
Glorious. Not Land Rover but that was a true nutter.
Lucas or the Prince of Darkness
Deutsche Land Rover Witze
Ever wondered what that beep-beep-beep meant?
Ever been asked why you own a Land Rover?
What they tell us about the people who put them up
Technology is not intelligently planned...
What does "almost new" really mean?
All over the world. Simply great.
Simple problems and simple nutters
True but hilarious stories

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