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Noise - Loose Flywheel

This is a good one. Happens mostly some time after a rebuilt when your rebuilder didn't use a torque wrench and Loctite. Believe it or not there are still LOTS of boneheads out there only telling "Trust me. I know what to do!". Land Rover does not give us many torque specs for their cars for their workers maybe are of the same 'Trust me'-type. But on some nuts and bolts you HAVE indications and they even point out that you must conform to them. So if the next bonehead does this simply give him a good slap with the Factory Repair Manual right there on the spot - this helps on almost 95% of all the cases.

The sound itself will be a very distinctive knock when you start the engine up or when you switch it off. Not much to do here except lifting engine out, refit the clutch plate with NEW bolts (the old ones may be overstressed, who knows), throw an new release bearing in for good measure and refit the whole lump of iron.