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Oops! - or 'Shit happens'

To be continued...

We all know the situation: The best driver in the world (e.g. you) is suddenly distracted by something unusual and- voilà - IT happened. This IT may come under various forms.

Everyone had this happen at least once. Usually memory fades when time goes by and facts take a glorious glamour once the money spent on repairs is forgotten. This page is dedicated to those glorious moments.

The "Just 10 more minutes" Postulate

This is the meanest of them all. When you are driving all day down greenlanes and nothing, really nothing happens you can bet some dumb ass pronounces the words "Let's just drive for 10 more minutes and then have a beer". This means instant and unavoidable disaster. The End of The World is near. Zeus prepares his lightning bolts and Thor greases his hammer. The world holds it breath waiting for IT to happen. And it will. The third thing in life that's certain after death and taxes.

Here are two examples of this 10-more-minutes-Syndrom. Both happened within 48 hours to the same person e.g. myself. Looks as if I'm dumber than I thought.

The Tuesday night-out with the boys

Snow and stuck in the woods at night

Speed Cameras - We open the Gallery

Don't you always look smart in a Landrover? Here's the proof: