Optional and standard equipment

Body colors

The following body colors are available on the 1998/99 model year. BTW, one of the nicest colors is the Oxford blue micatallic, a dark blue that changes by the onlookers position from a rather bright blue to almost black.

Some special colors are available sometimes if LR decides to make a special version. In those cases the colors are very special and rarely seen later in production.


Interior colors

Those colors are available for the 1998/99 model year. Nothing special about them.

Other available options

The available options vary acording to the market and climate the vehicle is made for. Some strange options or non-options however: If you want to keep coil springs you must take the base configuration and you can not get a passenger airbag nor the heated front windscreen. Neither can you get 7 seats with coil springs. But I assume Land Rover Special Vehicles will be able to fullfill your needs. Ask your dealer about them and INSIST. It's more work for the dealer so they tend to ignore the existence of LR-SV.

Nice options are for example:

Cruise control

Cold climate package (windscreen, seats, engine, battery, interior)

Engine preheater

Self-dimming mirrors

High-end stereo with 11 speakers and rear command

8"x18" wheels with 255/18 tires

Wood and leather inserts