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Our members and their Landrovers-

who are the people who joined this year

Carlos Gilbert from Portugal was the first member to send me an amazing story:

"My name is Carlos Gilbert, born 1948 in Porto. My wife Maria José, born 1954, is also infected by the Solihull virus, having for her everyday use a a full spec 300 Tdi Discovery. I, for myself, have a 300Tdi Range Rover, a Defender 90 Td5 and a very altered Series IIa petrol SW.

The Series II is powered by a 100 hp engine by Automotive Remanufacturing together with a special gearbox to cope with the extra power. It has front disc brakes and parabolic springs by T.I. Console, Holland, otherwise the car wouldn't be safe.

I'm the local correspondent for the British LandRover International, writing every issue of the magazine's clubland feature. My wife belongs to the team organizing every year the famous Lousa trial, being a marshal of one of the very special stages. She the only female team member. Speaking for myself, I prefer quieter trips in the country.

I almost forgot to mention that we own another Discovery 300 Tdi for the general family use.

Best regards from Portugal.


Maria Jose Gilbert practising..


Tiago Bulhoes Garcia from Brazil owns this 1994 Defender 100 SW.

His Defender's first engine has already served 220.00kms.

Frank de Blijzer from Holland wrote:

I own a Landrover Defender Hard top 90 - TD5 built in 1999 -02

I use the Landrover to drive to work but also for off road driving. It is my second Landrover, the first one was a Landrover 90 - 300 TDI.
Let me tell you I am infected whit the landrover virus and as you probably know, there is no cure for it.
I am living in Holland near by the Belgium border (Zeeuws Vlaanderen) , there is a  terrain for excellent off road driving. In Zeeuws Vlaanderen is no official landroverclub, but whit some other landroverfools we had a lot of fun and experience in off road driving. The terrain is not ours, but off a local club of army cars, but we can rent it.

I will send you in time an photo of me with mine Landrover.
In the mean time here some pictures of off road driving in the place a described.

Frank de Blijzer

Frank's friends last winter

Javier De Mazarrasa From Spain wrote (he gave my dictionary and me a hard time ;-) but looks like I need the practice)

I'm a professional journalist specialized in defence and military subject with a special dedication to tanks, weapons and armoured material, vehicles and artillery.

I'm the editor of the 'Revista Espagnol de Defensa' - Spanish Defence review- and I wrote several books about armaments and vehicles.

I'm the chairman of the cultural Association TRUBIA, the circle of friends of the armed forces, dedicated to the preservation, study and history of the armoured units and their gear.

Since I have been always interested in 4x4s, I recently acquired a military Santana CL 88" Diesel, because it is very representative for this category of 4x4. (Please note the pictures: it's very much like a Light weight, but the front wings are higher -Annette)

My CL TT LR 88 served for ten years as the command vehicle of the Self Propelled Army Artillery Group leader. Later it became a training vehicle for the army logistic school, whence I bought it in excellent condition at a reasonable price.

I would like to participate in LandRover meetings in Spain and Belgium or Luxembourg.

To be continued