Paynes Overdrive Systems

Very nice and well made overdrive systems for 90/110/Disco/Range. The unit drops the ratio by 26% and is shifted hydraulically/electrically even under load. It fits on the back of the L230T Transfer Box. Mounting time for Defenders 2 hours, for Discos 4 hours. The unit costs 995 GBP plus VAT. There was a cut-away on the stand at Billing and it looked quite serious. Looks like a good addition if you have fitted short diff gears.


Left: Cut-away view of box and T-case. On top new gear switch knob

F.J. Payne & Son Ltd., Oakfield road, Eynsham, Oxford OX8 1TH, phone (0)1865 882299, fax 882309

The GKN Overdrive

In 1999 GKN started to manufacture an overdrive unit of their own. It features an 28.3% reduction in revs, fuel economy is said to be reduced by 20% (?). Other features are similar to Paynes system featured above as is the price of around 1000£.

Below: Chematics of the overdrive's working.

Above and below: Before and after the mariage of the overdrive and the LT230 transfer case