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by Takeo De Meter

If you know what a Land-Rover is, then you also ought to know what a rotten chassis and/or a rotten bulkhead (firewall) is. Nice, huh ? Yea, I know, I had the same prob once. We all have so much confidence in what our masters in Solihull produce, that we think that some preservation effort from Day One is superfluous. WRONG. Land-Rovers are made from the cheapest steel that will more or less match the requirements and the Birmabrite will also be eaten up by road salt in the end. Please tell me that I am wrong. I am not, am I ? I used to work for a semi-trailer manufacturer as a development engineer and I know that it is perfectly possible to build a chassis out of rust-resistent steel that hardly needs any painting, except for matching the customer‘s colors, and this steel is not more than 20 % more expensive than the usual There is not much steel in a Land-Rover chassis, so that would harly influence the product cost and we would all be glad to pay it. Oh well. There is, however, ONE treatment that works: it is called „Dinitrol“ here and may be called „Waxoyl“ somewhere else, but it is all the same. The full treatment, that is. One has to bring his vehicle to a „Dinitrol“ or whatever properly licenced workshop and leave it there for a day or so The preservative product will then be injected in all hollows in the structure, holes being drilled and plugged afterwards where needed. Price is about EUR 1,000.-- but you get a LIFETIME guarantee. How about that ?
I had my 250 GT Lancia treated this way, back in 1966 and she is still totally rustless, happily sitting in a french collector‘s hall. Its Neri special race engine is still churning out its original 240 BHP. Heheh.

Pictures will be inserted here as soon as we've found them.


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