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by Takeo De Meter

We all get cold sometimes an then we turn the heater on and with the heater on we feel quite comfortable in our vehicle. Yea, right. If you don‘t own a series Land-Rover that is. My first brand new diesel S III 109 had a heater that was nothing much more than a mouse breathing on my toe and the „heater“ in my Stage One was not much better.
However, one fine day, I got a little bit to deep in the water in a fording exercise and that fan developed some interesting water pump characteristics, sucking water in from the outside and pumping it straight into the top of my rubber boots. (see picture).
I never changed it because of sheer laziness, but I got in a S III once with a decent heater and that was a really comfy 109 ragtop at minus 10° C in Germany. So I wondered what sort of extensive modifications the owner had done and I was even thinking of a Webasto or Eberspächer autonomous heater, when he told me he had plucked something out of a Volkswagen Polo at a junkyard and made a tinplate adaptor for it. I still did not believe my eyes when I saw it under the hood. The Polo fan was very loud, but at least it effectively defrosted the windschield and heated the car too. WOW. Nice.
The radiator in the S III heater is not the problem, the damn fan is way to weak to move any significant volume of air at any setting. Unfortunately, I don‘t have any pictures of it, but since I am to repair my Stage One in the foreseeable future, I will certainly do a similar conversion and then I will let you guys know all about it.


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