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by Alain Hoffmann

The Shorland Armored Cars

The Shorland is an armored car based on long wheelbase Landrover chassis and built by Short Brothers of Belfast. The first units were developped in 1965 for the Royal Ulster Constabulary. The basic vehicle is still available today based on the 110 chassis.

Buying a surplus Shorland is difficult due to restrictions the governement imposes on armored cars (at least on exports).

Those early versions are replaced today by the more modern versions based mainly on 110's.

Not many details on these have been published due to safety reasons. There were several types: the Simba (Lion), based on the last 109" and the Tangi (Tank) as well as couple of Tenbas, a mix of the Simba bodies and the 110" coil sprung chassis. In the picture above a row of Tangis in Belfast in summer 1995. (cf. LRO October 1995, to order an back issue) - more in-depth information on VPK vehicles - the prototype