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Speed Cameras - the ultimate Gallery

We want this to be continued, please send your favourite shots. They don't have to be the most expensive ones.

A couple of years ago, a Swabian LandRover dealer sponsored the speed camera warnings on the local radio programme. Their slogan was: You look smart in a Landrover - on all pictures. Unfortunately, the company doesn't exist any more.

So this is my souvenir from the district of Nordvorpommern (Germany eastern part)

I had been driving all day since 7.30 AM. It took me till 8.30 PM from the Moselle in the south-west of Germany - close to the Luxembourg border- to Stralsund in the Northeast pretty close to Poland. The distance is 880 km, only half of it is motorway. IT happened when I had been following an Irish truck for 20 minutes.

For reasons unknown, they wiped out my 80 year old father, who had been very keen on the picture.

Was it was worth the 20 Euros?

(Comment by Alain: I know why they wipe out the passenger - you don't have to explain your partner who that nice looking guy/gal is. That must surely be meant as a compliment for your father)