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The Stage One Register - Restoration

by Annette Flottwell

Here are three restauration projects in Germany, England and France

Stage Ones rebuilt by register members, we'll keep you posted

Klaus Darrelmann, Berlin: The vehicle has been standing for nearly two years now, the chassis is well rotten but not beyond treatment, the engine seems to be in need of a camshaft/ top end/ carbs overhaul and the rest looks quite normal for an abused vehicle of that age. I´m about to start the restoration of the car this year, if I ever finish I´ll inform you about the regained roadworthiness of my lovely truck.
Good luck, Klaus. Belgian MOT never noticed that we repaired the chassis of my 1981 Yellow Cat, fitting 12 pieces of steel up to 02*0.6 m...

109 Stage 1, V8 Regular, RHD
Body: Truck cab/ softtop
Year of first use: 1981, March (most certain)
Former owners: 4, first owner: British(?) or London(?) Water Supply (rumours...)

Steve (UK) found his Stage One in a wreckyard. He had to search for all the bits and pieces, so he has to find the dashboard and the doors, windscreen and a wiring loom elsewhere. He is doing a great job, facing a complete rebuild in his yard! No way he can find the chassis number, it was gone when he had brushed off the rust.

One cold March morning Bernard stopped by the roadside in a sleepy village. He rubbed his eyes when he saw three Stage Ones by the roadside. Do you know these 4WDs he asked my husband. Well, Takeo answered, I had this one for 22 years. Five years ago, Bernard continued, I bought one of them of a Dutch guy, he couldn't get it running so I got it cheap. We towed it home, no brakes, so my son pulled the handbrake till it was glowing. Later I have changed the distributor and some other parts but she won't start. Now that I'm retired I'd like to get her going. Would you like to come and have a look?

Oh yes. We tried to tow-start her in a meadow near the barn where she had spent 5 years, reluctantly she started a couple of times while we raced in circles on the swampy, bumpy ground. Lots of black smoke. It didn't look good but we wanted to look closer. In the engine we found 10 (!) litres of a genuine blend of petrol and water. Takeo drained the sludge 5 times, he repared the oil pump and then she ran just nicely.

So how did a genuine Safari Station Wagon, originally painted in sunny yellow, with genuine nice oil pressure gauge, a sun shield and very wide tyres end uo in a barn in the Dordogne?
She was first registered in the Netherlands in October 1979, chassis number LBCMV2AA100844 and belonged several years to a company taking youngsters for a work holiday in France. The previous owner must have been a mechanical genius, we found three oil pressure gauges under the seat, which he had replaced instead of checking the pump.
Now she is Bernard's first Land Rover, soon she will go on her first trip to Africa.

The chassis needs some welding and we had to order all the parts for a complete brake exchange, the window channels need repairing, but we could already take a small register souvenir photo:


Restoration in Andalucia / Spain or Dave's No 1 project

I have 2 Stage 1 V8's both of which are genuine factory cars and both of which are RHD.

NED 196W was 1st registered on 31/12/80 and left the factory as a truck cab ( although now a hardtop van ) The chassis number is LBCAV1AA117547 and I have owned it for 4 years: It has had 5 previous owners before me. When I bought it I was very "green" about series Land Rovers, but believe me I have learnt an awful lot about them since !!!!!

It has obviously had quite a hard life and in many respects is far from genuine. It is fitted with a 3.9 RR engine and is running on SU carbs along with the standard LT95 transmission. The chassis on it has been plated in several places and really needs to be replaced. It is also fitted with a Husky Superwinch. I decided some time ago to take it off the road and find a new chassis for it to replace the old one and this is where the other one came into being.

YKH 35X was 1st registered on 01/01/82 and left the factory as a County Station Wagon. The chassis number is LBCMV1AA150442 and I bought this one in September 2002. It was advertised on Ebay in the UK and the thing that attracted it to me was that it had a brand new Marsland galvanised chassis. I contacted the person that was selling it and found that he had owned it since 23/05/85 and that he had taken it off the road in 1990 to do a rebuild and had never finished it. It has only had 2 other owners from new and 1 of these was the supplying dealer who used it for a demonstrator.
It has only done a genuine 44000 miles from new. It was also fitted with a Fairy Overdrive from new and although things like the bulkhead were badly rusted I decided to strip it completely down to the new chassis and totally restore it.
Progress so far has been slow as it is far too hot here on the Costa Blanca to work on it during the summer and I also have to work as well. I have now spent 10 months collecting together most of the parts that I need and hope to be getting on with it over the winter.

I have a long way to go on it yet and don't realistically see it being finished before the end of 2004. When it is finished it will hopefully as good as new again and should last another 30 years.

To be continued with your help!!

About thirty other Stage One owners have sent their chassis numbers. I'll make a nice database of their contributions, but I'm still hoping for more Stage Ones and more Photos. PLEASE send me more!!!


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