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Stage One - Here are the first production Station Wagons and an early pickup.

by Annette Flottwell

In Switzerland and the Netherlands Stage One LHD Station Wagons were sold from July 1979 long before they became available in the UK.

So who has the oldest Stage One in the register? Willem!

My chassis number is LBCMV2AA100211.

I have added a picture of it while I was driving it in the Sahara.

I try to keep it in its original state and only added a rised air intake, a
LPG installation (because I drive it to work every day) and two electric
fans (now very handy because of the 30+ temperature in Holland).



The second oldest has been restored very well - obviuosly not Cees' only project

My name is Cees, I live in the Netherlands,
T this is my Stage One from 1979 the chassis no. is LBCMV2AA 100366.
I have been working on it for 4 years now, I bought it in pieces and it is now almost ready.

The Swiss electricity board had a good taste

Roger's Stage One is certainly one of the earliest, hope he'll soon send his serial number. It belonged to the Swiss electricity board, then to a farmer. Roger found it - seemingly painted in black- under a tree. It had been sitting there for 6 years. Roger managed to start the engine and was very surprised when his vapour cleaner unraveled a white Stage One under the resin.

Of course Roger keeps it now very clean and waxoiled, even underneath as the next picture shows. No I won't tell it now, but Roger is very good with a hammer so the repairs were no more expensive than the glass. The 109 looks as fine as ever. Roger has also installed a perfect acoustic insulation and invested in parabolic springs. Nice soft quiet ride except for...

This picture was taken by Joerg, who knows why Roger and I didn't feel like taking pictures.

The third oldest truck in our collection is Bernard's, click here.

The oldest RHD is a Hardtop and belongs to Michael G.Collins, LBCAV1AA111643. Hope he'll send me a picture one day.

Does anyone know of a Stage One RHD with a VIN under 111000???

The oldest Pickup is now a hardtop

Hi, i have a stage-one too !

Where : province Drenthe, the Netherlands
Number : LBCAV2AA100403
lpg-conversion, original a pick-up, bought as a van, now a camper with windows and lifting-roof, more than 99.999 kilometers on it or is it 199.999 or ??? (if in doubt, more! An.)


Comment: This is the first pickup/hardtop with a chassis number under 1000. Are there more around?

Lots of LPG converted Stage Ones are still to be found in the Netherlands

Eric's wife had the idea: She had always wanted a Land Rover. So they went to see 5 Land Rovers in the Netherlands till they bought this one:

Last week I have bought a 109 Stage One V8 1981 with chassisnumber SALLBCMV2AA137297. I'm living in the Netherlands so it is a Dutch registered car.... the speed is limited to 90 km per hour and that's not good enough to get me going on the road, I'm just trying to keep up with the traffic. So I'm aiming for 100 km per hour. People told me Landrover put some restrictors in the carbs, but they seem to be gone already. Now I'm thinking to modify the vehicle, like revising the engine, putting in some range Rover stuff (at least that's the advice from clubs)

Eric made a website to document the restauration of their new Stage One. Good luck, this one does not look so bad!

Bart owns this green


The Kingsley Hughes family also ownes an early, well kept Stage One:

We've got a stage one 109 that we're very proud of. Here's the chassis number

Date: 09/02/82

Please don't share the email address (hate spam!) but we have a page about her on our website that you are welcome to share if you wish.
She's still going strong. 85,000 on the clock and just a did a JOG-LE (John O'Groats to Land's End run.)

-I think that Stage One has been built earlier than that, but a garage may have used for a while. (A.)

Where did Barts Stage One come from?

I own a 1981 Stage One Station Wagon. I bought it a year ago. It was not really in good shape, although it was able to drive. Since then, the following work was done: brake pipes replaced, front brakes replaced (shoes and cilinders), rear brakes replaced (shoes and drums), chassis repaired, anti rust treatment (for chassis and bulkhead), replaced all locks (it came without a key...), took out all later added wiring (didn't work anyway), replaced mirrors, refitted the missing rear benches, repainted wheels and got it trough the MOT!!!. Now it takes me to work everyday. It still needs some attention, especially the front axle, the front doors, and the engine (though it still runs!). There's a great deal of black sludge inside the engine.
I don't know much about the history of the car, but it was buildt on or around the 13th of Febuary 1981 and exported to some country. It was then imported into the Netherlands in 1986. the tach says 86.000kms but who knows if that's right. The chassisnumber is SALLBCMV2AA139004.
It has no heater and an extra (military) fueltank is fitted.

Please let me know if anybody can tell me to what country it was exported originally.
Bart Leijendeckers
( my best guess would be Switzerland. A.)

To be continued with your help!!

About thirty other Stage One owners have sent their chassis numbers. I'll make a nice database of their contributions, but I'm still hoping for more Stage Ones and more Photos. PLEASE send me more!!!


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