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The Stage One Register - the Indonesian Army Model

by Annette Flottwell

Alex has sent even more pictures, we will certainly hear more from Indonesia.

Here is a new Stage One, well that's what I thought when I saw these pictures. This one will get its own page one day...Alex just sent me a full documentation of his first adventure!

Straight from the factory?

Suminto Alexander Hermawanto from Indonesia sent me these amazing pictures. But let him tell more about it.

I am Alex, I live in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I purchased my Landy from the Indonesian Special Force Army (like the SAS in UK). My Stage I is built in 81, LWB station wagon, brown colored, still original and only has 34.000 km in speedo meter, due to the fact that it only serviced for the commander of the Indonesian Special Forces Army Training Center in Batujajar Bandung.


I have just removed the restriction in the carburetor that improved the power from 90 BHP to 135 BHP (same with range rover classic 3.5). I have experience to drive it in toll way up to 70 MPH.
My Landy has the chassis number SALLBCAV1AF525458, right hand steering.
Everything is quite OK if I compare to manual book. I don't need power steering because she is still light enough to drive. I plan to follow the offroad championship through southern West Java jungle (near Mount Papandayan, that had an eruption this week.

...I still complete all accessories and the dashboard panel (my Landy is a military version and have little differences with European types ( no heater, no voltmeter and amperemeter and oil temperature gauges). (The heater is standard but the additional instruments are not. A.), In the panel there are speedometer, main light indicator, oil pressure, radiator temperature gauge. The wiper rarely switches on and off. The engines is very good, and the chassis is quite well, no rust, no crack. The only problem is the rubber in the sunroof and front door is leaking so if there is heavy rain while I travel, I get wet and the rain water drops onto my right hand - hahahahha, but I enjoy it. Almost everything is original (grill). Only spion (mirror) is defender type.


Note the air filter - resembles the special version for Saudi Arabia. These Stromberg carbs are as clean as the engine with its raised oil filler.

Hope you can advise me how to make my Landy as close to original as possible, because I have ever seen in Internet websites that Stage I V8 has a V8 logo (emblem) on both side of the rear door, and has the Logo LAND-ROVER V8 on the right and left body above the rear tyre.

Yes (sigh!) these stickers are almost impossible to get - or they cost a fortune. Has anyone got them? Please contact Alex or me!!!
The registration is still being changed from Army to civilian (in Indonesia, it takes 1-2 months), so I ride my Landy with the Army Vehicle ID number hehehehe..
In this end year I would like to follow family offroad with the Bandung Land Rover owner and Bandung Jeep Association to Southern West Java (to submit our donation (food, medicine, tent, etc.) to volcano eruption victims due to Papandayan Volcano Eruption (near Bandung) through rural area of west Java (mountains area) to West Java beach (Indian Ocean) and come back to Bandung (the capital City of West Java) after we take 1 or 2 night off in Ciwidey area
(tea and strawberry plantation).
The differential lock worked well when I tested it in in heavy mud (heavy rain) in Northern Bandung.
I tried to climb a very steep slope (45%) with low gear in 2 level and the result is OK, also the engine brake.
I am very proud to drive my Landy, even my wife and my kids (Dimitri, 4 years, and Kyle, 1.5 years) prefer to ride Landy rather than my others car Toyota Soluna.
Who has the missing bits for Alex to complete a PERFECT Stage One?

To be continued with your help!!

About thirty other Stage One owners have sent their chassis numbers. I'll make a nice database of their contributions, but I'm still hoping for more Stage Ones and more Photos. PLEASE send me more!!!


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