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Our Stage Ones are fun!

by Annette Flottwell

Here are a couple of Stage Ones in their natural environement

Sam has redefined Stage One colours: This is muddy custard.

Sam Roberts writes: Here is .SALLBCMV1AA163855

Two picks for you, my x reg stage 1 "custard" on top of the Brecon beacons & a 88" Stage 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ the LRW show at Eastnor.I'm convinced it's a genuine 88" stage 1 as it has a seem welded chassis LT95 gearbox, proper stage 1 bulk head... but the chassis plate says it's a 109 6cly!
My Stage 1 has been all over the UK, tour Scotland, Brecon, Yorkshire, West Wales...I have done 30,000 miles in 3 years since I finished the rebuild..
In fact on the 16th of august we are taking a W reg Stage 1 pick up & my S/W up to Scarboura to the "langsdale Quest!" chap who owns the 88" I only met briefly @ the LRW show but, I will e-mail the SIII club chairman to as the chap was planning to join & the SIII club may have some contact details.

Sam your pics are VERY good. That is how I just spotted the phone number on the blue 88. Will try tomorrow and feed France Telecom

Why do I think we will end up with a Sam page: Try this :))))

Sam's friend Paul is even worse. I don't know what they were up to, but I'd certainly like to participate next time!

This is Wort, she's the former 'bangeromanics' Stage One.

I need your chassis number and the rest of the story!!!!

No details yet for this German SW

Tjark sent me an e-mail about his neighbour's Stage One. He was fascinated with the luxury touch of his neighbour Boris' Series Three and the V8. Hope his friend will supply the details, Tjark provided the picture.
He even knows about another Stage One in the south of Germany, I'm already curious.

This one is rather dented- well it's mine

Yellow Cat is a later Stage One, has been a pickup long ago and now is a hardtop since a previous owner took her to Africa and installed seven petrol and water tanks. Not much left of them now, since a surveyor used her later and did his own adaptation. Why are most Stage Ones in Belgium utilities? Taxes for a Station wagon are ten times the price of a small goods lorry so this combined with an LPG installation is your most economical option.
The roofrack is Takeo's homemade adaptation of a 30 year old Ford Transit roofrack, industrial waste Kevlar and sandblasting sand make a nice antisllip surface for photographs on a rainy day. She is pretty much original, except for Series Two halfshafts and the previous owners electrical nightmares.
The chassis number is LBCAV2AA190292.
She has seen Britain, Spain, every corner of France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and only recently the Italian National. Land Rover events and other movements easily add up to 30.000 km per year.

Sometimes my maneuvers are not adapted to the turning circle of a 109 so this is how she gets the dents. The improvement I'd like most are parabolic springs, she has these hard truck springs which are not impressed with a 3 Ton trailer but get on your nerves when you need articulation. They are even more annoying on the bumpy road in the charente where we live now.

To be continued with your help!!

About thirty other Stage One owners have sent their chassis numbers. I'll make a nice database of their contributions, but I'm still hoping for more Stage Ones and more Photos. PLEASE send me more!!!


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