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Stage One - The rare beasts!

by Annette Flottwell

Thanks to all who sent their chassis numbers in the last two months, so here is the beginning of the Stage One V8 register! I was expecting most Stage Ones to be UK based, but you surprised me, sending pictures from Indonesia, Chile or Trinidad. Great! So where do I start?

The rarest Stage One? No, this is not a Centaur.

Sanjay Ramdath from Trinidad & Tobago writes:

I own a Stage One V8 Short Wheel Base. Rolled off on April 15th 1982. She's one of 24 produced. 4 were produced before and there was one prototype. That's 29 known in all. She's a 88, RHD station wagon. VIN: SALL BABH1AA159957 ENGINE: 11G D1930.The chassis number, continues Mr. Ramdath, relates to a 4 cylinder RHD export model, he is very right. But then these numbers sometimes do not mean very much.

Here is the full story:

There happen to be more than one Stage One SWB 88 surviving. James Taylor of LAND ROVER enthusiast magazine thinks there are 2 in the UK. Ihave seen at least one other in Trinidad & Tobago. Probably more here as the 24 made in 1982 were all sent to the local Lanr Rover dealer at the time. I don't know what happened to the 24 produced before or the prototype built earlier. Mr. Taylor will interview the Engineer from that time later this month. Maybe we find out more then.

I bought her last year from Lee Young & Partners last year (2002). They are a soil testing engineering company. Up until early 2002 the had rigged up a soil boring drill to her engine and used that to drill for core samples. I have (with much pain) found the original V8 gasket kid and changed all the seals, fixed the valves. Changed the colour to orange and black. redone the upholstery. I also changed the suspension bushings with original ones. Found a new house light. Replaced the original front seats with Mazda 323 front seats and put the originals (still in quite good condition) in storage. The chassis is in immaculate condition, no rust visible. The leaf springs are slightly rusty. After this years inspection I think I will bathe them in rust proof and oil. All in all she runs like a dream. Lee Young changed the original carburettor to a Weber type double throat. I would love to bring her back to original specs if I can find out what they were (and I have the money). I have always dreamed of owning a Landy. As a young boy whilst my friends drooled over mazda rx7s and 280zxs I liked the old rough go any where Land Rovers. So here I am. I now have fulfilled 2 boyhood dreams, I own a Landy and I'm a Veterinary Surgeon.
The landy works every day. She takes me on house and farm visits. She is a lively customer on the highway. She revels off road in the mud.

The Country Station Wagon 88! Did they all arrive in Trinidad like that?

What a beauty!
Guptee Bidaisee owns this very original 88" Station Wagon.

Here is the proud owners short descriprion:

This is a SWB Series III Stage 1 V8 County Station Wagon. It was bought in 1985 here in Trinidad. It also came with air-condition.

The Chassis number is SALLBABH1BA183733 and the Engine Number is 10GO7292.

Look at these stickers:
This is for all who asked me whether the 88 was a joke, a home conversion or an error.
These aircos were also often sold for late Series Threes.

The factory prototype: Sally will soon be 27 years old

Oops, I almost forgot to publish another funny chassis number. My prototype Sally left the factory on November 18th, 1976. The engine number is LR 4, she was registered as a 6 cylinder and the chassis number is 91451802C, which makes her a LHD pickup 4 cylinder 109. The R registration number plate is not original according to James Taylor,but then we hop to find out more.
I'll leave her as original as she came, with Stromberg carbs, mechanical distribution and her funny hardtop conversion. There is still a lot to be done, but I already love the smooth ride and the quite purring engine.

Sally has been with us for a year now. In the meantime she has taken us to Spain and back, she dragged a ton of stuff from Belgium to the South West of France, leveled the petanque (sand field to play boules) in a caravan park and served faithfully as a base for photographing or picking cherries.
She has been the most reliable Land Rover you could dream of during four hard months.

The cats love Sally as well, as you can see. About ten different people took her for a test drive on the quiet Dordogne green lanes, visitors at the camp site who had never driven a Land Rover before. Strange how many wanted to buy her, even if she doesn't look very neat and clean. No I am NOT selling her.

Who knows more about this 6x6?

At the Belgium National last year we admires this 6x6 during the trial.

6x6 conversion by Safir Engineering using a double rear output transfer box, retaining the PTO

15 were built for export in 1986 on a standard 109 V8 base, 2 units remained in Britain. It has 54.000 Km on the clock now. It was bought from a building company 5 years ago by its present owner, wear 750/16 boots and also has a lenghtened hardtop available.

Recently, this beautiful vehicle was for sale in LRE. We were drooling.
Who knows more about the fate of A1LRO? I bet she came into good hands and maybe the lucky new owner will tell me more!


The 24 V HCPU: Not for a builder, but for the army.

Paul has indeed found something rare - there are many LHD pickups, civilians like builders or foresters bought them, but on 24 V???

"I have attached a photograph of another Stage One which I have just discovered lying around waiting to come home with me!!!

It is a Utility vehicle, with a High Capacity Pick Up (HCPU). It is a left hand drive model and was not converted but manufactured by Land Rover as a LHD. They only made three demonstrators for the military as a "fitted for radio" truck hence 24v electric system, special canvas roof to accomodate the HCPU bed. One is in the army rubber tyre museum, one is in Saudi Arabia and the other one is now on MY DRIVE!!!! Looks a bit special doesn't it! Chassis No:SALLBCAV2AA167135. FIRST REGISTERED 11.05.1983.

To be continued with your help!!

About thirty other Stage One owners have sent their chassis numbers. I'll make a nice database of their contributions, but I'm still hoping for more Stage Ones and more Photos. PLEASE send me more!!!


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