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Stage One - Here is the Register !

by Annette Flottwell

Thanks to all who sent their chassis numbers in the past six months, please accept my apologies for all information that got lost between March and end of June. Those who have sent pictures during these months and miss them here, please do it again.

How it started and FAQs - Here is more

Why a register? How do you know you own a prototype? Is my 109 a Stage One ? Please click here for more information about Stage Ones in general, how to distinguish them from a standard Series three etc.

So far , we have got two overwiew pages and 6 pages about your Series Three V8s. Give me more!

Here they are, sorted by age, starting with the 88s and prototype #4.

The 88 from Trinidad

CSW 88" from Trinidad

The 1976 prototype

In 1979 Stage Ones were offered in Switzerland and Holland: The three oldest are Dutch 109s

Willem's SW in Lybia

5 years of restoration

The first pickup (!)

1979 Swiss and a Dutch Stage One in France. In 1980, the RHDs pickups appeared.

Roger's electricity board SW

recovered in the Dordogne


Mark's belongs here, but I've got no pic yet

Hard to get in the UK, they were even assembled in Indonesia or Australia

Waterboard pickup in Berlin

Early Australian CKD Ute

Indonesian Army SW- Wow!

In 1981 LHD 'Safaris' arrived in Chile and Belgium

Two in Spain!

first Stage One in Belgium

Stage One in Chile

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To be continued with your help!!

The Stage One Register needs more pictures and chassis numbers. Help us collect more information about the most versatile Land Rover ever built!

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by Annette Flottwell

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