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Stage One - The Register !

by Annette Flottwell

For four months we had no internet access. So I thank you for you patience and help, for the wonderful pictures and stories. Please tell me which improvements you would suggest and send me more STAGE ONES.

In 1981 LHD 'Safaris' were popular in Holland

dream come true

now in Holland

Stage One in Chile

The British 1982 trio: Two family busses and Muddy custard in fern

Swapped for the HCPU

who bought this one?

Muddy Custard

In 1982 Stage Ones were also often bought as utility vehicles

our travel companion

National Geographic recovery


Here I miss the chassis numbers or more:

German SW

Another 88 found by Sam

The Oman geologist

We want more pictures here!

Who is it


Well known in Belgium

Click hear for more Pevious page ---- >

To be continued with your help!!

The Stage One Register needs more pictures and chassis numbers. Help us collect more information about the most versatile Land Rover ever built!

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