The State Review Vehicles

The first State Review Vehicle (above) was built in 1953 on an early 86" chassis. It remained in service until 1975 and is now part of The Heritage Collection, Gaydon.

This one's on a 109 Inch chassis but shows the same general lines. Dunsfold 1997. Below: Soft leather and easy entrance. Another folding step hides below the visible one. Note also the large door with chrome grab handles. The panel above the left seat has 3 switches (Stop, Slow and Start) that signal the driver what to do. Seems as if the Queen left her Newspaper in. It's the Sun, just in case someone wants to know.


This 107"-based vehicle was built for game viewing in Africa in the mid-50's. Heritage Trust collection.


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Famous Owners of Land Rover vehicles

(As mentioned in the Land Rover Owner International magazine)

The Series I sold by Rowan Atkinson (Black Adder, Mister Bean)

British Royal family (UK)

There have been several Royal Rovers for state occasions.
1948, George VI expreses an interest.
Chassis number 861010 (a prototype) was delivered to the Buckingham Palace in the autumn of '48. It was shipped to Balmoral, where the King used
it in place of his horse. In 1950, it was replaced by a production model.
Between 1949 & 1950, a further 3 were delivered to the Palace.
In 1951, State I was developed. It was specially painted to be used for Review purposes
In 1953/54, Land Rovers were used for the Commonwealth Tour. Twelve coutries were visited, with 10 vehicles being required in Australia alone!
State II, chassis no. 14190020. An 88", built in September 1958. Now stored at Solihull
State III, chassis no. 57102615. First in service in 1955 and retired in 1989(?)
State IV, chassis no. 47100009. Dispatched in June 1953, this is the first of the Official State Land-Rovers. Retired in 1975, this vehicle is now on
display in the Mews Museum at Hampton Court.
Range Rover State I, chassis number 35506365B. Dispatched in 1975
The various Estates have a number of vehicles, for a variety of tasks.
In addition...
Range Rovers, dicoveries and Defenders (numbers?)
Elizabeth Windsor - A Bronze Green 110 Defender (manual)
Duke of Edinburgh - An Edinburgh Green Range Rover
(Princess) Ann, nee Windsor - V8, 2-door, Range Rover now owned by Tony Luckwill. -From Tony Luckwell, March 1997

John Rhys Davies (US)
Owns five and he says he couldn't be bothered with the new Discos or Range Rovers (they're "devoid of panache"). His fleet includes:
IIa 109 with roof-tent in Kenya
ex-RAF 1988 110
109 Luten-body workshop vehicle with Lincoln arc-welder soon to be a 130"
Indeterminate 109 with advanced frame cancer (a "project vehicle").
The latter three are at his residence on the Isle of Mann.

Unknown models

Series I to Series III

Fidel Castro (Cuba) has a few Land Rovers, one of which is a bullet riddled Series I.
Ross Perot (US) has several -- Series IIa's and III's
Tom Conti (UK) has a 107" Station Wagon. White, overgrown & languishing in a very sorry state (as seen on BBC's The Car's the Star TV program)
David Viscount Linley (the son of Princess Margaret, UK) has a blue Series III
Jim Carrey (CA) has a Series III 88.
Kevin Costner (US) has a black 88 (I, II, III, hybrid?)
Sylvester Stallone (US) has (had?) a 109. Now has a New-style Range Rover (as well?)
John Laroquette (US actor) has a 109 on his Idaho ranch and an 88 currently under restoration
Bill Murray (US) has a black Series Land Rover. He attends yearly Ground Hog Day celebration in Punzatawney, PA in it

90, 110, 130 and Defenders

David Puttnam (Ireland) film director. drives a Defender 110 and a new Range Rover V8i.
From Tony Luckwell, March 1997
Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden Rock Group) has a 110 Defender County, Blue
Dr. Mae Jemison (US shuttle astronaut) has, what she describes as, a 95 olive-drab Land Rover (Does she mean a D90?)
Bryan Adams (CA) has a 100" hybrid
The vehicle is drab green with a tuned 200TDI, diff-locks, winch, spotlights, electric windows, a large stereo and a few other goodies. It was built by the
same people who did TEW 78X, owned by IOR magazine. Bryan's motor can be seen in the Defender Gold Portfolio.
From Timothy Coles and Elwyn York, Nov 1997.
Robin Williams (US) has a red 90 Defender (bought from the San Fransisco dealer) and a 110 Defender.
He used to drive an 88 before the Mork & Mindy show
Blair Peterson confirms he still had the 110 as of January 1998.
Ralph Lauren (US) has a Series I and a couple of NA spec 110's, but painted black.
Jane Fonda and hubby Ted Turner (US) own a pair of the US-spec Defender 110's they keep at their western ranch (i.e., the state of Montana).
Oprah Winfrey (US) has a Defender (90/110?)
Sean Connery (UK) has a defender 90 at his estate in Costa Brava, Spain.
Christy Brinkley (US) has a yellow D90, kept at Collorado
Sean Young has a white 1993 Defender 110
From Justin, July 1998


Jimmy Nail (UK)
From Steve Martin, May 1998
Damon Hill (resident in Killiney, Ireland). XS model V8i, purcheased in February 1997
From Tony Luckwell, March 1997
Colm Meany (Ireland) actor (Star Trek, and others). drives a 1993 model Discovery.
From Tony Luckwell, March 1997
Singer songwritter Lisa Stansfield (Ireland) 1995 TDi, silver.
From Tony Luckwell, March 1997
Singer songwritter Jimmy Buffett (US) and wife Jane have a Black Discovery in west palm beach florida and a red discovery in Key west florida.
Jennifer Aniston does drive a Land Rover
From Dave Rumbold, Jan 1997 and Justin, July 1998
Also listed under Vital Statistics, Present Transport
Andy Lau (Hong Kong actor and singer). Discovery V8i 3.9l
George Lam (Hong Kong Actor & Singer, appears in the Guiness Stout commercial). Discovery V8i 3.5l
Kenny Bee. Hong Kong Actor and ex Lead singer of HK pop group "Winners" Discovery V8i 3.9l
Tony Leung. Hong Kong actor, winner of the Golden Horse Award (Hong Kong's equivalent to the Oscar). Discovery V8i 3.9l
Leonard Franco M.D. (US) world famous ER Doc - 93 Land Rover Discovery (White and Green)
Janet Jackson (US) Dicovery? (Gift from agent or someone)
Sting (ex UK) discovery

Range Rover classic

John Laws (Aus), Range Rover owner (possibly past tense?).
From Mark Andersen, August 1997
Billy Connolly (Scot, now resident in the US), Possibly a Range Rover owner.
Info From: Mark Andersen, August. 1997
Michael Jordan (US) of the Chicago Bulls NBA has a Black County
From Christopher H. Dow, May 1998
Martina Navratilova (US), Range Rover.
From Brandon Morton, August 1997
Johnny Cash (US), '92 Range Rover. "I love this vehicle"
From Michael Carradine, January 1997
Bill Cosby (US), Range Rover.
From Rob Mocica, January 1997
Priscilla Presley (Elvis' widow), Green Range Rover
From Juha & Tina Laine, November 1996
James Spader (US), White Range Rover
From Juha & Tina Laine, November 1996
John "Cougar" Mellencamp (US) has a white Range Rover County.
From Jo Wilson, December 1996
Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, (Black?) Range Rover
From Sitraf, August 1998
The following have, or had, Range Rovers
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (US)
Demi Moore and Bruce Willis (US)
Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid (US)
Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith (US) (Now they've split up? - who has the 'Rover?)
Mel Gibson (OZ)
Rosanne Barr-Arnold(US)
Michael Douglas (US)
Jane Fonda (US)
Emilio Estevez (US)
Patrick Swayze (US)
Jack Nicholson (US)
Stefanie Powers (US)
Michael J. Fox (CA)
Rod Stewart (ex UK)
Cher (US)
George Michael (ex UK)
Barry Manilow (US)
Michael Jackson (US) (can he actually DRIVE?)
Richard Branson (UK). Virgin AirLines also use RR as VIP fleet cars
(British Army Officer & "close friend" of Diana Windsor, Princess of Wales) Col. Hewitt
Mike Tyson (US). Purchased from Keeler Motor Car Company (near Albany, New York)
Liz Claborne used to have a 1990 Range Rover
Lavar Burton used to have a black County LSE (sold in November 1996)

New-style Range Rover

Chris Rock (comedian) has a Range Rover (4.0/4.6?).
From Alan Cheek, May 1998
Noel Edmunds is a big Land Rover Fan.
Noel is the man who drove the last Classic off the production line.
Ms Lin Ching Hsia (Taiwanese Actress now based in Hong Kong). Range Rover HSE
Sylvester Stallone (US). Intermountain Land Rover in Salt Lake City, Utah, have sold a 4.6 Range Rover which was then bullet proofed and shipped to
David Gower (UK, ex England cricket captain)
The Chicargo Bulls players were apparently each given a '98 Range Rover for winning the '97 chanpionship.
Scottie Pippen now had two rangies..
From Rob Stocke, September 1998

They Want...

Ralph Lauren (US)
Approached LRNA with the concept of a Ralph Lauren RR
Chris Evert (US)
"Andy's [Mills] the art lover," says Chris. "I'd rather have a Range Rover than a $40,000 painting."


Paul & Linda McArtney (UK)
"[in 1969] The happy McCartney family posing with their Series One, apparently a Station Wagon. I don't know about currently, but up until fairly
recently Paul had a Cairngorm Brown SE complete with Genuine Part side steps and Bull Bar."
Peter Sellers (UK)
had a Range Rover, or more specifically a Wood &Pickett Sheer Rover conversion

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