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Land Rover Stories
new: Monty's Corner: How Tom fell in love with Monty and some weird encounters with German administration

Tales of mud and misery, the Transsiberian and transpiration
from Venezuela to Vladivostok by Takeo

Here they are:
NEW • Vladivostok - Siberia 1990 in a Stage One
NEW• The Santana and the Priest - Spain in the late seventies
Noodle soup in the mudhole Venezuelan jungle recovery
Soap opera: Tequila Sunset Mexican SII travel story
Part Two Part Three Part Four Sequels to Tequila sunset
Part Five The End more sequels
A Series Two in Dire Straits Series Two war story
Saturday Exercise A different Land Rover meet...
Jon-the-Pom Australian Outback legend by Annette

Enjoy! Your feedback will be appreciated.