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It is quite surprising that you can still find Series One vehicles around, that still serve as the only car of a family or do their job on farms. Please send me more of this stuff!


In the Far North Queensland mountains near the Youngabarra market I spotted this well-preserved 88 Station Wagon. I had taken these pictures in the morning, but later I was to meet the owner and family.

The family had bought it some 5 years ago at a ridiculous prize. They invested in the roof rack and put the baby's bed in the back.

The guy was full of praise for his car, he only wished it would be a bit longer.

As they lived most of the year on the beach, the little Rover was very good at climbing the dunes.

'One day', he said, 'I had just hopped over a couple of dunes, when I heard somebody swearing.

Well there was that big Japanese twin cam something 4WD with broad tires hopelessly stuck in the sand.

He asked me to do it again. Simply couldn't believe the old bus would go over dunes he couldn't face in his expensive brand new car.

But I can't tell you why it works. It just does.'

The title is cut from this picture, by the way.

These pictures came from William Hanna in Australia. I still have to ask him whether he refers to Wyndham in W.A. or in NSW, but I suspect it's W.A.

He bought the Landrover in 1991 and put in a 168 Holden engine, but let him continue:

I have lost most of the documentation for the car, but I know it was bought from Perwans in 53-54 from near Dubbo in New South Wales. I got it from a bloke who'd owned it for 15 year and had been restoring it. HJe got it from a deceased estate auction (So probably the original owner). The chassis has been sandblasted and redoxed and painted when I bought it (as a rolling chassis with spares). The original 2Litre F-head had about 3600 miles on it genuine. Parts of the wireing harness where the only things not genuine. I rebuilt the motor, chemically cleaned the head etc.. and sealed it up with the gboxand other dirve train and left it all in my parents shed for safe keeping. The car is 36661415 1953 Model 80" landrover. running gear is S3 diffs brake to brake with S1 wheel cylinders. Rims are widened to 6 1/2" with 235/85R16 Bridgestone ASR 10plys Front springs are reset and with LWB S3 hangers. Rear springs are custom made with tapered eyelets to suit the narrow spring mounts and the S3 wide spring diff. The gbox transfer member clearance is about 14", which is the maximum you can get before the uni's start hitting the flanges. The motor is a 179 Holden that's been worked (copy of a 9 port chev). Gbox is S3 with mechanical S1 clutch and S1 transfer case. The car actually has 33x12.5R15's now, though it is as above in the photo with the 16's.

As soon as we have set up our new S One Page, I'll include William's workshop pictures. He also owns a 101!


In Coigeach, Wester Ross I spotted this 88 near a croft. It was filled with all the implement of serious sheep farming.

A towbar was obviously used for the sheep trailer you can see in the background.

Trying to find the owner all I could find were the neighbour's bairns. 'That's his tractor', they assured me.

What joy to see such a well-maintained little Rover still doing serious farmwork. So I went to search the owner again -and found another one behind the croft!

What a pity the weather was so bad at the Rubha Coigeach there was no lingering on.

The second luxury tractor had definitely undergone a serious restoration, but it was not kept from hard work.

In Billing we met Mr Goodall, the owner of this veteran. " Do you mean me or the 'Rover?" he asked.
He has used the 107 for 15 years on his Lincolnshire vegetable farm by now. It needs some restoration, he assures me, but then I need it everyday as a haulage vehicle on the farm. The brave little Rover must have done more than 100.000 miles before he bought it. And it made the next after his enormous home-made logging winch was added.

There were several more veterans in Billing, of course. Please click here to read about Russell Hearns first car ( below left ) that he still keeps today...

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