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Photos & text © Annette Flottwell unless stated otherwise

They still work for their living!

This page is dedicated to these old workhorses, which served 20 years as a farm tractor, a dairy delivery truck or to the 500.000 kms travel wagon.

I've started this page with some of these old Series Landrovers in the Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland. You have sent me some of your personal veterans, which was a great help.

Recently, a trip to Scotland boosted my collection hence I decided to split this page up into

Series 1 and early Landrovers.

See how many of them still are doing an excellent job!

An farm runabout in Australia

Series II, including Forward controls and Lightweights. Series III and 101s. The last working 101 ambulance?

A rainy day on the outer Hebrides inspired me to the Series III of North Lewis.



But this should be your page, too. So I'd love you to send your stories and pictures. Don't hesitate to send anything, we do understand a couple of languages between us. We will respect your copyright.

Important: Please supply some information about the veteran: Where did you find it, what does it do for its living

If you haven't got a decent scanner, send your trannies or negs. No digital prints please ;-)


To Be Continued with your help!Send your stories and pictures

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