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Rolling down the Interstate

Here are some pics I got from Tommy Dougherty from Richmond, Virginia, USA. They confirm once more the importance of wearing front seat belts. But let's see what Tommy has to say about this. Thanks for the pics and text:

Here are some pictures showing my 1997 Land Rover Discovery after rolling onto it's side, sliding, and then flipping onto it's roof where it finally came to rest, upside down, on the shoulder of I95 in Richmond, Va. We were traveling about 55mph at the time. I was about to get hit by another vehicle and had to do some 'evasive maneuvers' which caused the roll.

I was driving, my wife was in the passenger seat, and my 2 children (ages 2.5 & 1) were each in car seats - with one child behind each of us. My wife and I made it out with a few small glass cuts (from crawling through glass to rescue the kids), and the kids made it out without any problems at all (other than being shaken up a bit.) My wife and I were wearing our seat belts, which definitely saved our lives.

The front seating area sustained some major damage, while the rear seating area (where the kids were seated) was relatively unharmed.

(Go to his page to see all of the pictures.)

Tommy & Becci Dougherty