Dear insurance company...

This was surely one of those accidents the insurance companies will remember for quite some time.

It happened on a dry, sunny day when a Range Rover towing a car trailer with a Ferrari GTB was on it's way for Francorchamps. In an long downhill (seen in the background) the whole thing got unstable and, when passing over a long, high bridge it went out of control.

The Range went through the double metal walls, overturned and came to rest on the roof on the opposite side. The Ferrari almost stayed on the trailer and just fell off in the last roll.

They were VERY lucky for the bridge is over 80 meters high and if they had sled to the other side they would have had no chance. They wouldn't have let him start at Francorchamps anyway, look at the rear tire on the Ferrari.

Two unknown accidents

I got these two pics but don't know where they come from nor the story behind them.